Friday, July 18, 2014

Tempers Flare - Brittany Rips Nicole a New One #BB16

I heard Brittany mention to Cody that she had to "check Nicole's ass" so I went in search of this exciting live feed footage, and am bringing it to you please enjoy this Big Brother Infotainment..

For starters, there was chatter last night after the live show that the bed situation might be tight this week, since no one was required to sleep in the Have Not room.  The guys who sleep in The Cave didn't think it would be an issue, but Christine pointed out that the girls who sleep in the Fire Room often have to sleep with three in the bed.   So this topic was already on people's minds.

I started watching at 10:00 pm BBT, where someone off camera asks Brittany if she's upset.  No, she's not upset, she says, in a tone that definitely would lead you to believe that Brittany is upset.  She gets an empty trash bag from under the sink and busies herself with putting it in the bin while Donny stands nearby.

Jocosta comes over and asks if everyone is okay.

Brittany, clearly not okay:  Yep!  I'm good!

Amber laughs, and Brittany clanks dishes and silverware around.  And now Nicole appears, who was apparently told last night that she could ditch the Frog Costume.  I guess CBS has enough footage.

(Personally, I find the costume "shunning" ceremonies to be cringe-worthy beyond belief so I'm glad we might be spared of that this season.)

Brittany:  ***clank ***clink***bang***clank***

Amber rambles on in her country voice: :  ..back home I take out my frustrations on the dishes..

This is just too much for Brittany, who spins around and lets Nicole have it, who was just standing there are far as I could tell.

Brittany:  Well, I just think you totally threw me under the bus...and it was rude...

Nicole starts defending herself loudly, speaking quickly about how she didn't mean it like that, while Brittany kept scolding in a slow, measured, Mom voice.

Brittany:.....and I wouldn't have done that...everybody has an issue sleeping with her, and that is how I took it....I don't have an issue with her personally, but I do have an issue sleeping with her...

A small crowd gathers to watch silently.  Nicole, however, is anything but silent.

Nicole, sounding very agitated: I didn't mean it that way!  I don't have an issue sleeping with her....I will sleep with her...

Brittany:  That's fine.

Christine comes in...look at Jocosta's face in the background.  Now that she might be competing on Friday and Saturday (for the BoB and the PoV) do you think she will have another medical episode of some sort?

Brittany:  I"m sorry, but I'm very upfront with how I feel.

Nicole:  I"m sorry...but I thought you were mad at me before I said that...

Brittany:  Just because I said we should all draw, because I don't think it's fair that you guys get screwed over, but I'm not bitching every single day that I don't have a bed to sleep in, or a frickin' dresser...

Nicole:  I'll gladly give you my bed...I'll sleep in the Rock Room...I don't care...

(One of these bitches needs to go up to Cody's HoH room and get in that bed, right?)

Brittany:  It wasn't was just the comment you made out here that was shitty..

Nicole:  I think you were mad at me before that...

Brittany:  Why would I want to do your hair and makeup for tonight if I was mad at you?

Nicole:  I don't want to fight about beds....I'll sleep anywhere.

Amber:  I'm so hot right now..

Nicole:  I came out here because I don't want to fight about it...

Brittany: I'm not gonna's just a miscommunication, or whatever..I just wanted to cool off out here and clean...

The person they are talking about is Victoria, who usually sleeps with Frankie in the Fire Room.  I have heard Frankie complain that she wants to cuddle and grinds all night on him and he can't stand it.  Since Frankie will be upstairs in the HoH Suite for at least one night there is an empty spot beside her that has caused this rift between Nicole and Brittany.

Nicole tries one last time to apologize, and say that she didn't mean it like it sounded.

Brittany:  But that is how it came off, which is why I had to correct you in front of her..I don't have an issue with her small doses...but whatever.. it's over...I'm over it..

Nicole:  I just feel like you're still mad at me and I don't like that.

Brittany:  I'm not mad.  I've just had a lot going on tonight...I thought we had that competition...I've got a lot on my mind tonight.

Nicole walked off with a slight smile on her face, once her back was turned, of course.  She summarized the argument with Donny in the living room.

Nicole:  She's mad that I won't give up my bed...we got into a fight about the beds on day #3, too.  It's weird.

Donny tells her to just go get in her bed and go to sleep, since that is what he plans to do.

(Big surprise there.)


Approximately eight hours later, in the same place, wearing the same outfit, Brittany got into it with Cody as well, even though he would be making nominations in just a few hours.  Will Brittany's poor attitude seal her fate this week?  You can see my play-by-play of that scene here.

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  1. Brittany: " That's fine". When a woman says that, it ain't.

    Maybe they can get that all-girl alliance going now.


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