Friday, July 11, 2014

#TeamAmerica Meets to Hatch Their Devious Plan #BB16

I guess I thought America would choose the showmance option, since that seemed like something the American Public would be interested in, particularly with all of the choice cuts of meat in that house.  But the option to start a rumor that someone in the house is related to a former house guest is the choice America made.

Good choice, America.  This is a much more dastardly and devious option, because this type of rumor could sink someone's game.  Seriously.

They decided to start a rumor about Zach being Amanda Zuckerman's cousin.  They think this is plausible since they both live in South Florida, and note some personality features that they both have in common...bring brash, moody, etc.

Frankie has a downright EVIL idea, saying that the rumor they should start is that Zach had told Paola about being related to Amanda in the early days of the game, when they were quite flirty with each other.

(I guess we missed THAT before the feeds went live.)

And as Paola left the house last night after being evicted, she whispered this to Donny, so that he could use the information in the game if necessary.

Dastardly, indeed.  And quite believable.  Frankie wanted to be sure the root of the rumor is not related to any of the three of them...Donny simply supposedly heard it from Paola, who supposedly heard it from Zach himself.

Derrick addresses the camera, but unfortunately not the one available to me as a live feeder.  He confirms to America that this is their choice, and they plan to put it into action immediately.

And that, people, is how you make $15,000 in about 10 minutes.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

(I have never even said that phrase, much less typed it. But I like it.)


I think this has to hurt Zach's game, right?  Not that being related to Amanda can help him in any way, but it is more likely to hurt Zach.  Amanda was a very polarizing person, and the idea that Zach was lying about this might be all the reason someone needs to put his ass right back in the nomination hot seat.

If I were Zach, I would strike right back by insinuating that there are two other people in the house who are related to a former player...he can say Production told him that or something.  I think saying two is more believable than one...

Since Zach has Dastardly skills, I'm sure he knows how to Reverse the Heat...basically when someone is accusing you of something, you just direct is right back at them or maybe someone else.

This is most commonly used by guilty bring up something they did wrong and they end up getting you to apologize to them...

And you just know Zach has been down that road before...

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