Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Speculation About Thursday's HoH Competition #BB16

After 2:00 am, Zach and Cody sat outside and discussed the game.  Zach thinks that Cody has Brittany wrapped around his little finger but Cody doesn't think so, but not for lack of trying.  They both think that Brittany is the key to getting rid of Devin---she isn't afraid of him and won't hesitate to put him on the block and vote him out.

Hayden came outside to join them, saying he couldn't sleep, so they changed their topic to guesses about the upcoming HoH competition.

Zach remembers that in BB15, the second HoH Competition was the one where the house guests were grouped in pairs of two, and had to fill up jugs of barbeque sauce to win either HoH or cash.  They agree this would be the perfect competition to have this year, so that there will be two HoHs who win.

(Enjoy this blast from the past, fresh from the FeedWatcher archives..)

Cody:  If any of us get paired together, we can win, but what if I get paired with fucking Pao Pao?

Zach:  Pigs would fly before Pao Pao wins anything!

Hayden brought up the delicate topic of Devin, feeling them out.  They told Hayden that Devin was a wild card, and no one knew what he would do.  Zach also put on a little show about frantically wanting to know what all of the alliances were in the house---he knows there must be some, but he doesn't know what they are.

Cody assured them that the competitions will not all be geared for muscular guys like Devin and Caleb, but they should just let them keep saying that they're going to win every competition.

Hayden:  But even if you get put up, there is a good chance to get off the block.  If you don't win Battle of the Block or the PoV, you can still campaign, but not like Joey.

They all laugh.

Zach:  Joey was campaigning before she even got put up!

Now they laugh about how clueless Joey is about the game, and how she will feel when she watches the show later.  They also discussed how they think that Devin is bipolar, and how odd his behavior was in the first days of the house.

Hayden:  He pulled me in the storage room after all that Pao Pao shit and told me that he was an emotional eater...

Now they discuss how Caleb is an emotional wreck right now and is making Amber enemy number one.  They think Amber pretended to be sick the other night so she could hide in the bedroom to keep away from Caleb.


Shortly before this conversation, I watched a little meeting on the backyard couch between Derrick and Victoria.  After watching for a few minutes, I was like, WTF is happening here?

Victoria apparently woke him up and asked him to come outside and speak to her.  She seemed to be discussing her relationships in the house, and then she said this:

Victoria:  But the guys I date at home are more like you.....your age.

Then she kept going on and on about how much she hates Devin, and wants him out of the house.  She even made some sort of vague threat about "doing something" to Devin at the finale.  Derrick tried to give her rational advice by saying you have to wait to see who wins HoH before you start targeting people, and you can't make everything so personal.

Victoria:  I want to win HoH so bad...

Derrick:  Then win!  Win HoH and then you decide!

They then discussed how difficult it can be to craft a speech about why they nominated the person they want out.

Derrick:  For example, we may need to keep our balance on something...I don't think I'll be the first person off, but I'll fall off, and you might want to say you are targeting the first people to fall off...

Victoria:  Oh I would NEVER nominate you!

Derrick:  That's just an example...

He kept trying to set her thinking straight by saying at the end of the game she won't have to see Devin...she can just go home...

Victoria:  I might win the money and stay out here!

Derrick:  I don't know why you would want to do that...

Victoria:  Not in this California....

Derrick:  I still don't know why you would want to do that..

She was yawning and he said she should go inside and go to bed to get some sleep.

Victoria:  Are you ready to go to bed?

Derrick:  No, YOU need to go to bed and get some sleep.  I slept all day remember?  And I was sleeping when you came in to get me.

Finally Victoria got up to leave and Derrick caught her looking at herself in the mirror.

Derrick:  You don't need to check need to go get some sleep!

Victoria:  But we're on TV...I'm really self-conscious about that...what if people say I'm fat?

Derrick:  I'm not even going to entertain that....

Victoria:  But they might say I'm ugly...

Derrick got up and went inside after her.  I think he distanced himself today from his usual group because he heard there had been some chatter about him being aligned with Zach and Cody.  Just a guess.

I'll just say it:  Victoria needs to step off Derrick and take a seat.  Get back in your corner, girl.

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