Sunday, July 20, 2014

Some Losers are More Bitter Than Others.....#BB16

So last night just after 8:30 pm BBT Nicole went into the backyard to show the group outside her German-tard.  I could hear Hayden freaking out over how cool it was, while Brittany just kept on kicking her soccer ball without saying anything.

(Brittany was PISSED after the PoV, blaming Nicole for screwing her over.  At the time, she said Nicole having to wear the German-tard was karma, but if it is it is pretty cute karma.  Everybody knows that if you wear the costumes that Big Brother gives you with a good sense of humor, the fans will love you.  And this is two in a row for Nicole...)

Hayden is delighted with the costume, and laughs when Nicole tells him she was to carry the sausage and the stein at all times.

Hayden: You do?

Nicole:  Look, look, feel how heavy it is.

Hayden: are going to get JACKED...and there's actual beer in here...lemme get some!

Christine: No way..that's her beer.

Someone asks when BB is going to give her more beer.

Nicole:  I dunno..whever they think I need it I guess....I have to have liquid in it all times though.

Christine:  That is so mean!  It is so heavy.

Check out how Brittany just keeps kicking her soccer ball in the background, and Amber sits with her back to the German-tard commotion.

Christine asks if the costume is hot.

Nicole:  Nah, it's not bad.  You can probably frickin' see my underwear though..

She went over to the glass and turned around to look.

Nicole:  Yep.  It's funny, but it's going to get old real fast.

I'm glad they didn't make her wear a wig, after having to wear that Frog head all last week.

Nicole and Christine took a seat in the backyard.  Nicole wonders what she got herself into, and then admits that she does think it is a cute outfit, and it is actually very comfortable.  She hates the hat, though.  She is going to have to use some bobby pins to hold it in place, because it keeps slipping.

Nicole:  I'm frickin' going to chug this beer.

Christine, giggling:  We'll see if they give you more.

Christine says she'll get to keep the stein, too, and it is awesome.  Her husband Tim was in Germany on some sort of mission and found a stein on the side of the road.

Nicole: Oh, my frickin wiener that I have to carry around....(whispering)  what's going on out here? Why is everybody being so weird?

Christine tells her not to worry about Monday's nominations.  Nicole usually wears a size 5 1/2 in tennis shoes at home.  She loves boots like this, but doesn't wear them because she says you have to have super-skinny legs.

Christine:  What?  You look great.

Nicole: have to wear skinny jeans with boots like this..and I don't wear skinny long as I don't look fat, though..

Christine tells her she looks great, and the costume is very flattering.

Christine:  Remember the Clownietard?

Nicole: Oh my god...with the wig and the nose?....ugh

In the background I can hear Brittany saying that the "Jack Shack" (i.e. the Port-a-Potty) is open tonight since she can sleep outside.

Nicole:  I don't feel bad for giving her that...I have to wear this for seven days...she can't be mad at me...

Nicole was swinging her wiener in the air and hit herself in the eye with the end of it and she and Christine crack up.

There was a lot of commotion at the backdoor and Jocosta pops out holding bottles of wine and beer.  Brittany shrieked across the yard to "POUR ME A GLASS!".

Um..Jocosta knows she's on TV, right?  Looking like that?

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