Saturday, July 5, 2014

Skins & Shirt Meeting in the Storage Room #BB16

Well, it's safe to say Crazy didn't take the day off for the holiday.  Yesterday was just action-packed with events in the Big Brother house.  I will be recapping the altercation that started it all shortly.   Basically, Devin broke off his Bromance with Caleb and said the Bomb Squad is like, dunzo dude.


Just now, I cranked up the live feeds to find an animated conversation between Zach, Cody and Derrick, who still have yet to craft a name for their alliance.

It was a crazy day in the Big Brother house, but these three guys are adapting to the circumstances and trying to make sure they don't get splashed with blame.  They plan to deflect as much as they can.

Derrick took Caleb's side in the so-called argument with Devin, so he thinks that if someone comes off the block after the PoV, either he or Caleb may go up for nomination.

They want to pull in Donny and Hayden, and Cody feels he already has Christine, but the three of them will be the core who will stick together to the end.  They think Amber is conniving, and is always keeping an eye on who is speaking to whom, so they don't plan on trusting her with anything.

Cody told them how Donny came out to the kitchen early in the morning and approached him and Hayden, saying they needed to form a group of four, and wanted to pull in Zach.  Cody did a pretty funny impression of Donny saying this, making the point that they could reel Donny in easily.

Cody said it was a dagger to the heart when he found out about Frankie.  He really likes Frankie, but is hurt to learn that he is making deals all over the house, and is obviously floating to the power.  Zach agreed to start filtering information when he speaks to Frankie.

Cody said he loves Christine, too, especially the way she always reports news to him immediately.  (She told him Frankie tried to make a Final Four deal with her.)  Then Derrick brought up that Cody likes all of the girls with big tits.

Cody:  Nah...she's married!

Derrick said the most important thing is that if any of them hear anybody say anything negative about any of them, they need to report immediately for follow up.  Derrick points out this is what saved him from being nominated by Amber--Zach reported to Derrick what he heard her say which gave Derrick a chance to nip it in the bud.

Too bad Production can't give them Walkie Talkies to use, huh?

Derrick left the storage room first, telling the others to wait a few minutes before coming out.  Cody was so happy he did a little dance, right there in Produce.

Cody:  Seriously, I wouldn't mind someone like Christine winning this whole thing.  Did you hear what she and her husband make a year, combined?  Only $24,000 a year...I make that much from just one of my jobs.

Zach:  I make that much in three months, working in a bar!

Cody says she's a nice girl and a "G" at this game, so she's cool with him.

I don't know about you, but it makes me very happy when three players I really like align with each other.  They need to make up a name for their alliance though, so The Chenbot can start pimping it on the CBS show.  I like "The Precinct" for an alliance name, but that may be a little too close to home for Derrick.

Look at what a mess the bathroom is.  Wet towels draped all over everything.  Bacteria all over everything, I'll bet.

And look at the leftover mess from their July 4th pizza party.  You know the ants are going to have their own little party in those greasy pizza boxes.

Now they all try to cram in the beds in the Rock Room.  Brittany sits up and says she's hot, and that starts off a whole chain of giggling led by Amber and Brittany.  Hayden and Donny are trying to sleep in there, and Donny has pillows pulled over his head.

Look at all the bodies crammed into the Rock Room, like the Manson Family in the cave.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, here it is.  This cave is actually a sort of tourist attraction for weird people---tourists take their own pictures in the cave where the murderous hippies once played.

(No, I haven't been there, but I was once approached by security while trying to visit 10050 Cielo Drive.  But that's another story.  FYI That address doesn't exist anymore, in an attempt to keep weirdos away, and I can assure you the new owners of the property don't cotton to unknown Budget Rent-a-Cars rolling up their driveway.)

OK.  Zach puts on a hat and starts the Zach Attack, dancing around on the beds.  Everyone is humming and snapping their fingers as Zach demonstrates his moves.

At one point Zach leaned over and rested his hands on one of the girls knees and Derrick put a stop to it.

Derrick:  You can't touch the strippers!

Zach:  No, I touched her!

Brittany says that move is called a swirlie and they are all giggling.

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