Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scenes in the House, Before the PoV Competition #BB16

The good news is that Jocosta is receiving some sort of medical attention.  She's not playing in the PoV today, even though she's on the block.

I'm guessing that BB will send in a doctor during the competition, while everyone is outside in the backyard.

Devin prepared mentally, and physically by stretching.  The feeds are super choppy today, so I hope they will fix that at some point.

Here is who is playing:


I guess Nicole straightened Hayden's hair again today.  She really likes it like that, so Hayden certainly wouldn't refuse her salon services.

Hayden invited Donny to stretch with him, to get Donny ready for the competition.  Donny has competed the most out of anybody--he's been in seven competitions, and hosted the eighth.

Donny:   With as much TV time as I'm gettin', I should be throwin' out some hashtags or something.

Caleb is getting in Cowboy Beast mode.  He told Derrick they wanted them to wear gym clothes today, and no costumes.  If that is true, they are in for a physical competition, I think.  Cody is hosting and he should be really good at it, since he emcee's big parties for his job.

Derrick got in on the stretching, too.  He's wearing war paint.

Derrick was doing this stretch laying down, and Hayden gently offered advice from his years of running track in school.

Hayden: Laying down like puts too much pressure on your should sit up and do it.

Derrick:  Nuff said...I'm sitting up.

Hayden said he sees a lot of baseball players stretching like that, and Derrick says the stretch is part of that routine.

Caleb and Derrick went upstairs and Caleb says he's ready, he just wanted to snack, maybe eat some sugar.

Derrick riles him up, saying they have to win today...they can't let Devin win.  Caleb shouldn't be tempted to take money, or depend on votes to keep him safe.  Derrick says Devin has that smug look on his face...and Caleb says let him have it.

BB:  This is why we can't have nice things!

They laugh, and knew somebody did something naughty downstairs.  They did discuss what could happen if Devin wins and wants to take Caleb off.


Caleb sounds like he won't take any deals from Devin, but if he's facing eviction, I don't think anyone can truly blame him if he did, right?

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