Saturday, July 5, 2014

Scenes From Today - Girl Talk Issue #BB16

Jocosta still remains a mystery.  She had a meeting with Devin today where he tried to grill her about her allegiences in the game, and she stuck to her "Alliance with Jesus" routine.  Devin barely noticed that she didn't tell him anything, because his Adderall was kicking in and he was babbling a mile a minute, basically telling her way more than she deserved to know about what happened last night.

(You can read about that hot mess here.)

And yesterday Cody and Hayden were talking about Jocosta.  Hayden made a fake phone call from Production to Jocosta, telling her that she was supposed to be here two weeks ago.  Cody got on the line and told Jocosta she actually needed to be inside the house...

It was funny.  I wonder what is going on in Jocosta's head?  Anything?  Anybody?

OK. On to the girl talk.  Brittany talked to the girls about how she keeps her skin looking so good.  Christine wanted to know how she avoided stretch marks, after three kids.

Brittany:  I stuck with Palmer's Cocoa Butter, because it worked the first time.  But most of it is genetics---neither my mom or my grandma had stretch marks either.

This resulted in a round of horror stories about pregnancy and weight gain. Victoria's sister gained 50 pounds, and all of them know someone who really blew up when they were pregnant.

Christine has a slew of brother and sister-in-laws.  I tried to keep track but it was too much for me.  There were at least four on each side of her marriage.  Her husband also has two brothers who haven't married yet, so there will be two more sisters-in-law on that end, too.

Christine was really critical of her brother's girlfriends growing up.  She picked them apart and warned her brother about some of them.

Christine:  He found an awesome girl to marry though.  She's rad.

Christine offers to help Nicole plan a budget wedding when the time comes.  Nicole is so excited for that.

Nicole, giggling:  I wonder where my husband is now and what he's doing!

Christine:  I used to wonder the same thing, but it turns out I knew what he was doing, because I already knew him!

(She's known her husband since they were twelve.)

Christine thinks Nicole's future husband may be watching her now.

Nicole:  I don't think I'm going to marry someone who is watching this...maybe an old boyfriend or something.  I think I probably know him already...maybe from my home town.

Later Nicole told the group about her ex-boyfriend, that she dated for five years.  She has been talking about the relationship in the house, but Hayden says he doesn't know the guy's name.

Nicole said he knew she might be on the show---she had some sort of birthday party the week before being chosen, and he knew she was a rabid Big Brother fan, of course.

Nicole:  He was wanting me to get back with him and make it official..

Nicole:  He texted me the morning I got "picked up" and I just texted back that I would get back to him when I could..

Jocosta said that was slick:  Look at you, girl!

Nicole:  Maybe he shouldn't have partied so much!

Hayden:  Maybe he should have put the PS3 down!

They all laughed.

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