Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scenes From Today #BB16

Frankie got up rather early this morning and sat on the patio with Donny and Cody.   I don't remember what he said, but it doesn't matter anyway because he surely said the opposite as soon as he left the area.

Devin broke the HoH Room key and got locked out for a little while, so he had to use the downstairs bathroom with the rest of the commoners.  Brittany was in there and Devin commented on her tan and tried to act casual while she stood there in her bikini washing her hands.

Note Victoria perched there, too, chaperoning the situation.  Both of them told Devin that they were so tired---they were up all night.

Devin:  I'm so sorry.  If I could go back and re-pick the Have Nots, I would.

(Both Zach and Derrick volunteered, but Devin targeted Brittany and Victoria.  I'm sure it wasn't personal, though....)

Christine was sitting trying to enjoy her toast and oatmeal, when Devin plopped down at the dining table for a chat.

Christine asked him how his little chat with Brittany went last night (when he told her he liked her).

Devin:  Well...I don't know....she said thank you....she was very polite about it...I don't know...

The following two pictures demonstrate how Devin was indicating to Christine that he has it bad for Brittany.

Christine:  Oh my God!  You're just like a little boy!

Devin walked away and Christine spoke to us.

Christine:  Oh great!  Just who I wanted to spend my morning with...

BB called Devin to the DR.

Christine:  Thank you!

She counted, staring at the Memory Wall, wiggling her fingers around.  Earlier, I heard Donny say he really wanted to go in the dining area to study the wall, but he knew Devin would be watching on the Spy Screen.  Donny wished that wall was located somewhere else.

Victoria came in and was all cranked up about her face wash being almost gone.  It was brand new when she came in the house and she is angry.  I think she is blaming Paola for this.  She asked the DR about replacing it, but they told her that whatever she brought in the house had to last three months.

(You can get items replaced if you win HoH, though.)

Victoria later had a long conversation with Christine about what Brittany told her at 6:00 am.  She had no idea that Devin and Caleb didn't like her and wanted her out of the game until Brittany told her.  She is very offended because she feels that she has tried to be very nice to them, offering them some of whatever she is having and so forth.

She was especially hurt that Frankie was present during many of these Victoria-bashing sessions and never took up for her, or told her about it.

She also says she talked to Zach, telling him that if he stays in the house he has to be more respectful of her.  She doesn't expect him to change, though.  She remembers when they first came in the house he was saying she was his perfect girl, because she was Jewish and lived in South Florida

Caleb and Amber appeared.  Caleb seemed perturbed that Amber was up giggling with all of the girls until the wee hours of the morning.

Big Brother gave Amber this swimsuit for some reason---maybe a group photo or something.  Christine compliments her on it, but I can tell she was just trying to think up something pleasant to say to her.

Devin appeared with his HoH camera and the excitement was underwhelming.  Jocosta tried to stay behind the camera as she snapped a group photo of Devin, Caleb and Amber. (i.e. The Bombed Squad)

Christine kept saying "you should go outside and take pictures!" to keep them away from her.  Earlier Devin told Christine that he would be taking a lot of pictures of Brittany today.

Christine:  She'll probably be asleep..she was up all night.

Devin:  That's okay.  I'll take pictures of her sleeping.

Caleb gargled with Scope for a long, long time.  No doubt he wants his breath to be minty fresh as he follows Amber around the house today.

I really wanted a good picture of Caleb spitting out the mouthwash, but the cameras did not offer a close up.

Amber assumed the tanning position out by the pool.

Donny hung out in the pool, virtually unrecognizable with his beard in the water.

Devin came out and said he was, like, sorry that there was no one else awake to take pictures of.

Devin:  I'm like, sorry that there's no one else awake to take pictures of.

Brittany called out to Donny to come over and pose with all of the girls.

Donny:  I thought you'd never ask!

Devin assumed the position in this picture, directing Donny as he took underwater pictures of himself.


  1. When did Devin go from thinking Britney is the devil and needing to leave to being in love with her??

  2. Good question!

    After Brittany & Pao Pao lost the Battle of the Block, Devin made Brittany a Have Not again, and then won the PoV.

    Brittany made herself go up to the HoH to have a talk with him---she swallowed her pride and had a long conversation with him. She ended up talking to him about her marriage and separation and her children.

    Later that night Devin was all of a sudden obsessed with her and laid around all the next day, staring at the Spy Screen and waiting for her to appear on camera. He told everybody he felt that way, too.

    Don't look for too much logic here, or rationality. This is Devin we're talking about.

    I don't think Brittany can believe it, either. She thinks he is trying to run some kind of game on her, and that Caleb is doing the same thing to Amber.

    The whole thing is crazy. Of course.

  3. After Amber/Brittany leaves, do you think Caleb/Devin will build a shrine like Gina Marie did for Nick?

  4. I think those guys will leave the game before the girls do, and may go insane if they end up watching the live feeds or actually read the website updates, learning what America thinks.

    As a special treat, Cody can hook up with either Amber and/or Brittany so they can watch that from home, too.


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