Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scenes from the Last 24 Hours #BB16

Once again I have pictures I didn't post, so I will post them now instead of just trashing them.  A lot happened on the live feeds yesterday, but unfortunately something kind of bad happened at work yesterday (a 7 out of 10 on the Shit Scale) so I had limited time to post.

I do Twitter all day with live feed updates while I work, so please follow me if you aren't already. I do post spoilers, so "Know That" as Big Sheila from BB9 would say.

OK.  The big news yesterday was the PoV ceremony, where Hayden saved Victoria, Frankie nominated Amber, and then Zach stood up and ripped Amber a new one, just for the hell of it.

Team America encouraged this, of course, but I don't know if they won the money or not.

During the PoV, Frankie made a comment about nominating Amber based on some mysterious last minute information he got.  When he dreamed up that little speech the night before with Zach, he planned to never tell anyone what that information was, but of course Caleb asked him after the ceremony and Frankie said something about Nicole telling him that Amber told her about the Bomb Squad.

Or some shit like that.

So Caleb grabbed Nicole and asked her if she talked to Amber and Nicole said no. Caleb immediately realized Frankie lied to him, and the entire internet went crazy with excitement.    Frankie called Nicole in to the Hive with him and Caleb, and put her on the spot about it.  She tried to limp through the conversation, and Frankie tried to pin whatever blame he could on Zach.

Yadda yadda yadda, Frankie slapped Caleb around verbally until he calmed down and started to trust Frankie again, but he wasn't happy. Beast Mode Cowboy was not happy.

OK. so Derrick was simmering in the backyard, trying to figure out what was going on and minimize the damage to his game, and probably to Cody's game.  He sat outside with Caleb and listened to him go on and on about Amber...and Zach...and Amber...

The DR kept calling Caleb, and he kept saying no.  He finally stood up and shook hands with Derrick, telling him that "no matter what happens, he had Derrick's back".

Derrick:  That doesn't sound good, buddy.


(Frankie's BS is getting old to me, and also to the house guests...)

This is what we see in the picture below.

And where was Zach during all of this?  Sleeping in the HoH Room, oblivious to the problems.  Fraternizing with The Sandman while the house burned down.

People eventually gathered in the HoH room and they gave Zach the headlines about what happened.  He didn't really seem to give a shit, and I think he went right back to sleep.

You've got to admire that.  Even if you hate Zach...and I don't think any fans hate Zach right now.  He's the star of the show, frankly.

In the wee hours of this morning, Hayden and Nicole had a long talk.  She wanted to know if he cared for Victoria, and also to tell him that if he didn't really like her (Nicole) he didn't have to keep flirting with her all summer.

Nicole:  If you are going in the DR and saying you hate me, that is going to be so embarrassing!

Hayden assured her that he does like her, and understands every word she is saying to him.  They both are surprised to meet someone in the house that they can tell everything to.  They were sitting far apart so it would look like a casual conversation, but at one point Hayden announced he was going to come over and hug her.

Nicole:  No don't...Hayden...oh my gosh..stop!

The hug is what you see in the picture below.

Hayden also told Nicole that she is the most-liked girl in the house, and if she was on the block with Christine then Nicole would be the one to stay.  Nicole hated to admit it, but Christine kinds of scares her in the game.  Hayden admitted Christine "scared him a lot".  Hayden also dropped some hints about Frankie needing to go home...maybe we'll get to see what Hayden does with power if he ever gets any in the house.

Also, Hayden was looking in the glass over the sink in the bathroom, and said he saw Amber in The Hive through the glass.  Nicole came over to see for herself and we got FISH.


Nicole had the Have Not munchies and was in the storage room with Zach.  He showed her the various cans of fish she could be snacking on, but she said all of them were gross.

Zach found a can of smoked oysters, and tried to get Nicole to try one.  He opened the can and had one bite himself.  Nicole put one on her tongue and immediately threw it away.  There was a lot of flirtatious banter here from Zach...I could believe that he finds Nicole really cute.  I've heard him tell Frankie he would date Nicole outside of the house....maybe that is true.

Nicole is looking cute in her bikini.  I think she's lost a few pounds in the past few weeks.  Good for her.

I started following Christine's husband on Twitter, and it is fun to watch the live feeds when he is watching, too, because he tweets about it.  She is getting a lot of hate on Twitter, some directed at her husband.

I don't get that...why would supposed "fans" say such awful things to the loved ones of the house guests?  If the "fans" keep doing that, you can be sure that the only house guests who agree to be on the show are the clueless mactors who have never seen it, and don't know what they're in for.


Hell no you don't want that.  Be kind, please.  These people are brave for putting themselves out there.

I realized Amber is probably in her last few days of being on the live feeds, so I took a few pictures of her this morning, putting up the awnings with Nicole and Caleb.

Frankie came outside with his HoH camera, speaking in that super-annoying German accent (or whatever) trying to draw attention to himself. Because he's the HoH, of course.  So I stopped being interested at that point.

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