Saturday, July 19, 2014

Punishments and Prizes..the PoV is Over #BB16

Victoria won the biggest prize of all for herself-----the PoV.  Since she's on the block right now, the house is very agitated right now, trying to figure out who will go on the block with Brittany.

Zach won a trip to Germany, which is causing problems with his alliance.  Cody thinks he should have traded for the PoV but Zach says then Nicole would have won the prize.

Cody:  But she didn't!  You did.

Frankie thinks it will be impossible for them to keep Zach off the block next week, the way Zach is going now, although he acknowledged that Caleb was a bigger asshole then Zach was.

Because Caleb won $5,000.  And Frankie thinks they should be delighted that Caleb just put a bigger target on his own back.

I don't know where the crown came from...Derrick didn't even play in the PoV.  If I were him, I wouldn't wear that...remember Dustin from BB8?  Getting blindsided after wearing the king's robe all week?

And the losers?

Nicole "won" another crazy costume.  This one is called the "German-tard", or something like that.  I have't seen it yet, but will keep you posted.  They are all thinking the costume relates to the country Germany, and not bacteria.  She should get her costume sometime tonight.

Brittany has to do some sort of ball kicks on a regular basis for a certain period of time.  That should be interesting, since Cody was a soccer player.  I believe the requirement is to kick 2,400 soccer goals within 24 hours, which sucks so bad it is GREAT.

Cody has to do something like kick himself a certain number of times every hour for 24 hours.

I'm guessing the theme of the PoV was the World Cup.  Just a guess, tipped by all of the soccer balls and German references.

 I thought Derrick was going to try and calm down this week, and stop bossing people and brandishing swords.

Calm down, Derrick.

Nicole came in and all of the guys said they loved her hair tonight.  She expects to have to wear some type of wig with her costume---men really love long hair so I think Nicole needs to wear it down as often as she can.  It's like shampoo-commercial good, in my opinion.

Zach is super happy with Nicole, because what ever she did during the competition kept Zach from having to take the German-tard.  I guess she could have traded Zach's trip to Germany away, and he appreciates that she didn't do that.

By the way, Cody is probably going to nominate Donny tomorrow in place of Victoria, but they don't plan to tell him until just before the PoV ceremony on Monday.  They know the girls want him to nominate Caleb or Zach, but the guys don't feel they have the confidence to ensure that Brittany would still go home.

Derrick talked to Hayden about this, to get his buy in, and Hayden promised not to tell Donny.  But he does plan to approach Donny afterwards to boost him up after the ceremony and assure him that he will be safe.

Frankie pointed out that they are 100% safe from Caleb nominating them for the next two weeks or so, but the don't feel the same way about Donny.

They laughed at how Brittany didn't even know how to play the PoV game, and it is something Big Brother does every year.  She didn't even know how to trade her prize or punishment.

Christine: You know who I think deserves to win?  A Super Fan!

(Because Brittany is now on a "Good People Should Win" kick.)

Victoria came in and Frankie serenaded her with a version of the Miss America song.  She feels badly about Nicole having to wear the costume, but Nicole tells her not to worry about it.  She's going to embrace the costume.

Derrick took the sock monkey downstairs and is making him appear in the Spy Screen while everyone laughs.


Yesterday Caleb hosted the BoB challenge, and made a big production later about how the crew let him strike a cheesy body builder pose as he recited his hosting lines.

Derrick told Cody that as the cameras filmed Caleb doing that, Cody made a "can you believe this guy?" face in the background, and how funny it was.

Derrick:  Dude, that shit is going on TV.

Cody:  Nah...really?

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