Saturday, July 19, 2014

PoV Aftermath - World's Collide #BB16

I don't even understand this picture.  Donny, Derrick and Hayden are laying on the ground (?) and are throwing around the sock monkey and saying silly things.  I watched it for a few minutes, and I don't understand what is going on.

Nicole walked by and I saw her feet near their heads, saying she hopes her dad sends her sock monkey ("Henri") if she wins HoH again.

Zach and Victoria met in the storage room and congratulated each other on the outcome of the PoV.  Zach really bent over backwards to be friendly and supportive.

He encouraged Victoria to win HoH next, launching into a conversation about who he would nominate if he won HoH.

Zach:  I'd nominate Amber for sure!  Amber hates me!  And Jocosta, because those two are not pulling for me.

Clearly Zach is trying to encourage Victoria to target the girls if she is HoH.  (ha ha ha)

He's really laying it on thick.  I've heard Zach say that Victoria can't seem to recognize sarcasm, so maybe she has no Bullshit Radar, either.  Victoria is going to be around for a long time, by the looks of it.

It's easy to like Zach if you think he likes you, right?  Can you imagine getting the full Zach Attack, head on?

Zach:  Amber is making no effort to hate the fact that she hates me now.  Brittany too, but she'll be gone this week.  I'd like to blow up on Amber, but that wouldn't be smart right now.

They discussed how everyone deserves to be there, and no one needs the money any more than anyone else.  Zach also made a BIG DEAL about how he wanted to go to the Jury at least, since he had committed the whole summer to Big Brother.

Zach:  In the Jury House I can chill, drink, lay by the my ass off!

(I'm sure THAT sounds good to Victoria....Jury House with Zach.....)

Victoria also visited with Derrick in The Hive.  Derrick is getting very attached to the sock monkey.  His name is Spanky, I think.

Brittany came in with a load of sour grapes about her loss.  She was pissed and brought up the fact that she had to give someone "a swirlie" in the first BoB, and didn't want to give that prize to a girl, so she chose Hayden.  Now she brings that up and I think she is very pissed at Nicole.

Brittany started cursing and immediately jumped up to "wash her mouth out with soap".  After she left the room Derrick told Victoria that she's doing the right thing...keeping her mouth shut.  He encourages her to keep doing it....stay calm and cool.

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