Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pictures from Yesterday, After the PoV Ceremony #BB16

I had to actually do some real work over the last 24 hours, so I am late posting these.  Better late than never, I guess.

The PoV ceremony was a real tear-jerker--we will see it on the Wednesday night show.  It sounds like Jocosta broke down, and Derrick wasn't sure if he should even speak after that.  She just kept crying, I think, after Donny made a little speech about her being his friend.

Devin came outside to shake hands with Derrick, saying it was okay that Derrick put him on the block and he had no hard feelings.  They both dressed in black, which seems shocking after seeing so many bright colors.

He's a good man, Zach said after Devin went back inside.  Yes, he said that.

Jocosta came out and had a few words with Derrick, too.  They chuckled about all of the tears and drama.

After the meeting Derrick just wanted to relax.  They don't have any plans to do anything until the Thursday live show, so they just want to take the time to relax.  They all feel the energy in the house is joyful, but Derrick cautioned that Devin is going to play the game right up until the last minute.

I don't think Cody would be this assertive if Nicole wasn't wearing the Frog Costume.  He is just all over her in that costume.

Nicole told Cody that he was tickling her.

So he stopped tickling her.

And here is Cody again, wearing his Big Brother glasses (now on sale on the CBS website) and grabbing all over Nicole.  Cody might end up being as scary as Caleb if he's not careful.

Caleb met with Derrick in the HoH and is all about winning this week's HoH.  He told Derrick that he heard Victoria ask if she should be trusting Derrick.  Derrick made Caleb repeat that again and his wheels were turning.

He thought he was in control of Victoria.  Maybe not...

A group of the kids gathered in the Fire Room and had some laughs.  There is a supply of condoms and dental dams in the house that are available in case anyone wants to have sexual contact.  Frankie had to explain to everyone what a dental dam was for, and explained that he learned all sorts of sexual information from his days working on Broadway.

He said that everyone in the Broadway shows are having sex with each other, often right in front of everyone else.  I was really shocked that people didn't ask a million follow-up questions about this.  I think Britney asked about the stars of the Broadway production.

Frankie:  No....the stars usually have their act together and leave right after the show...

They also talked about the "Jack Shack" in the backyard.  This phrase originated during BB7, Big Brother All Stars, when Howie set up a covered partition in the backyard for auto-erotic activities.

But now they are referring to a Port-a-Potty in the back corner of the yard that is accessible with a key that is hanging there.  I think BB put that Port-a-Potty out there because the house guests are often locked down outside for hours and in past years they complained about having to pee.  That is also why they put a small refrigerator outside, too.

All of the guys were joking about going outside immediately, and then they talked about how open Amanda was during BB15 about her sexual activity.

Derrick:  They had sex all over the house and Amanda bragged about it!  She blew him in that little bathroom back there and then told everyone!

Frankie joked that he would be in the bathroom with a line of guys outside, waiting.

Hayden came in after a nap and they told him about the dental dams.  He tried them out and said he didn't think the ladies would enjoy it, and he wouldn't enjoy it either, due to the decreased sensation and because you had to hold it in place the entire time.

It was banana-flavored, but Hayden said it was gross.  Cody was skeeved out, too, by the taste of one that he tried.

This is the bed that Frankie sleeps in with Victoria.  He was telling Cody how needy she was, and how all night long she is begging him to cuddle her.  Maybe that is true, or maybe he just wanted to snuggle with Cody.

Here are a few pictures from this morning.  Hayden has a serious case of gingivitis and he is supposed to swish some sort of solution around his mouth but hasn't been following directions.  I have heard Nicole pester him about it, saying he's going to lose all of his teeth if he's not careful, and will be unable to "slice girls with Zach" after the finale.

If you've ever wondered why Britney pulls her hair up in a sock bun every day, this is why.  She has spent at least 30 minutes at this point, teasing it and messing with it.

She has that whole "rough night" look.  She and Victoria both agreed that they hate doing their hair in the BB house, because they don't have all of their hair products.


I can't fit the conversation with the pictures, but I heard Devin bring up going to rehab again yesterday.  They were talking about what they might get in their HoH baskets, and Devin said that after going to rehab, he told the DR that he didn't want any alcohol in his HoH Room.

Frankie said he told the DR the same thing.  I had only read rumors up until that point that Frankie may have had a drinking problem...I didn't hear it with my own ears though.  But I did hear him say he told them not to give him any booze.

Someone asked Nicole if she got more than one bottle of wine in her HoH basket.

Nicole:  They know better than to do that...

Everyone laughed.

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