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Pao Pao: I Had a Big Bag of Doritos, Some Coca-Cola, and Cried My Ass Off #BB16

Jeff sat down to talk to Pao Pao, and they got off to a good start.

Jeff did his homework for this one...maybe a little too much.  He asked Paola twice when she realized the game was going to be harder than she thought it would be.

She said when she got put on the block with Donny, that's when the game got hard.

Paola:  But then I really met Donny and found out what a great person he is...I didn't know there were people still like that out there.

Her plan was to try and keep low in the house, and keep her mouth shut.  It worked for the first week, she says.  Jeff asked about the BoB in the swing...did she throw that?

Paola:  No, I'm only 96.8 can I swing?

Jeff:  How can you not swing?

Jeff tried to get a straight answer from Pao Pao about whether she threw the second BoB, with Brittany.  It was hard to follow, but I think she said she planned to throw it, but then Brittany asked her if she was working with Devin, so she tried to win.

Zach seemed very confident that he would survive the live vote, and this made her nervous.  When Zach said he wanted to address the group, she thought she could, too.

Paola:  I shouldn't be sitting here right's all Devin's fault.  

Jeff wondered why she just sat there when Zach told her she sucked in his speech..she basically agreed with him when he said it.

Paola:  I definitely think Zach sucks, too.  He lost every competition so far...c'mon, he spelled 'warning' and he went to the University of Florida?  With a seven letter word?  

Now Jeff brings up 'Technotronics" and Paola talked about trying to spell 'calculator' and not having the right letters,

Paola:  I'm an idiot just like you!

Right now Paola thinks Derrick is playing the best game, and also Donny since he's her best friend.  She and Donny had a great connection and trusted each other in there.  Jeff says Donny is sweet as pie and Paola agrees.

Jeff:  But you kept telling me I was old in our interview..and then you go in there and make friends with the oldest guy!

Jeff always asks the house guests during the preseason videos to leave a message for themselves to see when they come out of the house.

Her message to herself said she was going to win and be rich, with a Ferrari and a mansion out on Long Island.

Jeff:  How much money did you think you were gonna win?  Not five hundred thought five hundred million!

Paola said the paranoia was crazy in there.  Every time you see a conversation you think it is about you.  And it is so boring in there with nothing to do, and she had to live with people she didn't like.

Paola:  Over half of the people I didn't like...

The twist this year didn't help her, because the HoH's wanted to put the weak people on the block so they would lose the BoB.  A fan asked her to describe her experience in one word, and she chose "hard".

She thinks Frankie is a flip-flopper and is going to be the downfall of Team America and Donny, too.

Jeff:  Are you upset that you weren't part of Team America?

Paola:  I'm upset I'm not part of the frickin' Bomb Squad!

She had no idea that Derrick was a cop...he wasn't even on her radar in the house but as soon as she learned about his real job she said he should be the main target.  If she knew that in the house, she would have targeted him immediately.  She said Cody was her first target, then Zach.

Jeff:  Cody and Zach?  But which one did you have the crush on?

Paola:  Both of them!  Ha ha ha ha. I had the biggest crush on Zach and then he opened his mouth!  And then when Cody opened his mouth I saw what a flirt he was, so....

One of the questions from the fans was "did you know Devin has a daughter?"  (ha ha ha ha)

Paola:  That's like his big thing...all the time...

Jeff:  He had to give that speech about it, and he cried!

Jeff then says that he doesn't want to jump on Devin too much, because that house can make you do stupid things..  (A message from the CBS legal team, I'll bet.)

Paola:  I can't say I don't really like Devin, because I don't know who he is...he had five personalities and all of them sucked.  One minute he hated Brittany, the next he had a crush on her, one minute he wanted everyone to like him, the next he didn't care...

A viewer asked if Caleb was too obsessed with Amber...does she think it will ruin his game?

Paola:  It already has ruined his game....Caleb is so in denial and thinks Amber is playing hard to get, but Amber doesn't like him at all.  It is messing up both of their games...

Jeff said it certainly seemed like Amber wasn't interested from the outside looking in, and Paola confirms this.

Paola:  We'd be sitting there talking about something else, and then he would bring up Amber...something Amber said...where he was going to take her on a date.  I told him it was Buy One Get One Free...because if he's taking her out, I'm gonna go too and want free dinner and drinks and stuff...

(That sounds like Buy One, Buy Another One.)

Paola plans to be friends with everybody, but it is hard to imagine being friends with Devin right now.  Jeff tells her she's fresh out of the house now, and things will seem different later.

The most shocking news to learn outside of the house was Derrick's job..she was completely surprised by that.  He really had her fooled, talking about his Parks & Rec job.

Paola:  I thought that job was cool, but boring as heck, but now that I know I think he has a really good chance to go far.

A viewer asks what does Pao Pao think about Zankie.  She had to think for a minute before she realized what that was.  Then she said that it is Zach's game, because Frankie has such a good social game with everybody that he's using him in the game.  Jeff asked about all of the Zankie cuddling, but she said that Zach really wanted her, and everybody knew that.  

She confirms that Donny is an outsider with the rest of the guys in the house.  He brings positive energy in the house, she says, and everybody wants to keep that going and not hurt him.

(Uh...Hayden had a dream the other night that Donny was a serial killer, which signaled Christine to talk about creepy his eyes and facial expressions well as some of his comments to the girls.)

Paola shows Jeff the badge Donny gave her from hosting the competition.  She made a necklace out of it and tells Jeff she gave him a DJ necklace in there so this was his gift in return.

She was very surprised to learn who Frankie's sister is...she knew that he lived in New York and was in the entertainment business, but she had no idea his sister was Ariana.

Jeff:  So, does that make you like him more?

Paola:  No.

Jeff:  Good, don't be a user!

She's not sure if Frankie can keep that secret all summer, and says he has a beast mode social game.  Jeff teases Paola for being bitter.  The first thing she did after getting evicted was she ate a bunch of Doritos, and drank Coca-Cola and "cried her ass off".

Jeff says it is very lonely when you are evicted.  After having so many people around you it just feels so quiet and lonely.  He asked her if she kept checking her mic and she said yes, and she couldn't remember her phone number at first.

She wants Derrick and Donny to work together, and get Frankie out.  Jeff says anything can happen, and Derrick might even be sitting with Jeff next week.

Paola:  Well good, because that means my Donny is still in there.

Jeff gifted Paola with a Big Brother tumbler and she loves it, she says.  She plans to get a BB tattoo, too, and with that the interview was over.

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