Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pao Pao Gets Too Comfortable, Runs her Yap #BB16

Last night just after midnight, Paola was in the Cave with Hayden and Caleb.  The conversation started innocently enough, with Pao Pao telling the guys that her cell phone habit has been broken after a few weeks in the house.

Paola:  You guys, I'm not gonna lie to you.. two of my closest friends were on the show last year, and they said this house was hard...

Hayden:  Really? Which ones?

Pao Pao doesn't want to tell.

Pao Pao:  A guy and a girl.

Hayden:  Gina Marie!

Pao Pao:  I can't tell you their names...

Caleb:  I can see you hanging out with Gina Marie....and you're from the same area...and you're both short!

Pao Pao:  She's not short

Caleb:  Maybe not compared to you!

Pao Pao:  Gina Marie is like 5'4"...and I'm 5'1" but I say 5'2" on my license.

Caleb:  So just a few inches taller.

Pao Pao:  But that's TALL!

Caleb:  No, Amber is tall.  Gina Marie is average.

And with that, the conversation sputtered out.  I didn't hear anyone guess who the guy was that is one of Pao Pao's closest friends.

It's got to be Nick, right?  But then wouldn't mean that Pao Pao and Frankie may have known each other before this summer?  Since there is documented proof that Frankie and Nick are "close"?

Let's eliminate some of the male suspects from BB15:

McCrae?  No.
Spencer?  Hell no.
Howard?  No.
Jeremy?  Probably not, due to geographical differences.
David?  Who?  Ha ha.  Not a chance that David wouldn't have spilled that on Twitter already.
Judd?  Not likely...although maybe she met him after BB15 ended.  Judd is a possibility.

I know I'm forgetting someone, but they must be forgettable...


I realized I forgot Andy!  Ha ha ha ha..

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