Sunday, July 6, 2014

OMG. It Happened... #BB16

Devin the Dictator won the PoV.

Cody is pissed, looking for his clothes and cursing. Zach played and said it was really hard, trying to calm Cody down.

Zach:  Just put it out of your mind, dude.  This is the best thing.

In The Hive, Paolo wonders if Devin will use it to save her.  Amber gives her some of the details about what happened just before the PoV, with the meeting in the HoH.

Derrick hates losing.  He says he's a prideful kid who doesn't want to come in second.  Apparently the answer was simple, but Devin overthought the solution.

Derrick:  Kudos to Devin though...

Cody: Was it really that simple?

Derrick: It was...

Cody is steaming.  He's got a temper, that's for sure.  Even though he didn't play today, he's super competitive.

This look looks good on Cody, of course.

Upstairs Devin is talking to Frankie, babbling about what he should do.  Should he take Paola off and put up Victoria?  Or should he make a big gesture and save Brittany and negotiate for safety?

Zach was outside the HoH and Devin wouldn't let him in, saying "not not now".  He knew that Zach wanted to take a shower, so he had Frankie pretend to be in the shower on Devin's direction.  Then he changed his mind (of course) and opened the door to find Zach gone.

He called Zach up and then fired questions at him saying who would you vote out if I did this?  If I did that?  Zach said he would do what was best for the alliance and eventually Devin told him he didn't trust him and Zach left the room.

Then he called in Cody, who absorbed the line of questioning in a satisfactory manner, and then Caleb showed up.  I mean, is he just looking feakier and freakier by the day?  Look at him!

Did you know he's calling Amber his Queen now?

Next Brittany was summoned and started the conversation by saying she hopes he won't speak to her like he did the other night.

Devin:  Oh no, that was another night.

Brittany:  OK. Good.

Devin:  Wait...what night....during the nominations?

Britney is sassy with him and is throwing what he did in his face, and now Devin mocks her, saying he called her up to discuss saving her, and now she is putting her foot in her mouth again.  He denies every saying or doing any of that, and then says he had "eight or nine jello shots that night".

This is going downhill fast.  I just can't recap it all, particularly since the damn PoV Ceremony won't even happen until Monday morning.


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  1. That convo between Devin and Brit is still going on after a freaking hour.


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