Saturday, July 26, 2014

Now Derrick's Family Has a Loss -- Another Grandfather is Gone #BB16

And how crazy is this, with another dead grandfather within a few days of the first loss?   Derrick's grandfather on his father's side has died, and he was notified in the DR by Sean, just as Frankie was.

If I'm not mistaken, Derrick also said that his grandmother died the week that he was in California going through the semifinal or final casting process for Big Brother.  He said Sean came to his hotel room to give him the news.  I'm not sure if that grandmother was connected with the grandfather who just passed away though.

While the news was being given to Derrick  FISH appeared on screen sporadically.  Then we got the Live Feed highlight reel hosted by Jeff Schroeder, which is only used during "official" feed-stopping events in the house.  I think this indicates that Production talked to them on the loudspeaker, announcing Derrick's loss.

When the feeds return we saw Frankie in the HoH bed with Amber, Jocosta, Christine and Victoria.  Amber told Frankie that he should be the one to "go talk to him, since they're going through the same thing".  Frankie decided to put on pants for the occasion, and grabbed a box of Kleenex on the way out.  Victoria is worried that Derrick is "isolating himself" and doesn't know what to do.

They all filed slowly down the stairs and through the living room, Jocosta's slippers scuffing along.

People start gathering in the living room again...Cody and Caleb are joined by Amber. Zach is silently making a sandwich in the kitchen, using the pepper grinder as he finishes.

(Check out Amber's body language in the picture below....she can't get far enough away from Celeb.)

Meanwhile Derrick is sitting alone in the Have Not room.

(OMG I just realized Frankie is older than Derrick!  Hard to believe, but true.)

(And can every podcaster stop referring to Derrick as an "undercover cop"?  He is a fucking Police SERGEANT, who did undercover work for a few years on his way up the ladder.  Get it straight, people.  Even Julie Chen made this mistake, describing Derrick's job to Pao Pao.)

But I digress.  Let's get back to Derrick, who is dealing with this as best he can.  With all of us watching.

Derrick takes a deep breath and gets up, muttering "okay...let's do this fucking thing" and checks his look in the glass.

(Damn I love me some Derrick.)

Derrick:  Ugh.....ugh..

Then he takes out his earrings!  I think the earrings might be a symbol of his undercover personality.  Maybe he wants to address his grandfather in what he thinks is a more respectful manner.  Who knows.

And off he goes.  Sighing and making various "here we go" noises.

Derrick walked into the living room, saying he "had to go in there and do a thing real quick" and Frankie came over to hug him.

The room is very quiet while Derrick is in the DR.  People whisper when they need to speak to each other.  It feels like church, a little. Very solemn.

Zach chewed his sandwich, but did so in a respectful manner, looking down and keeping his mouth closed, of course.

Frankie:  Un....believable.

He and Amber are looking over Derrick's letter.  Even though giving the house guests a letter is highly controversial (to many Super Fans, anyway) Production had to give Derrick one, since they did the same for Frankie.

Frankie:  So, he wasn't married to his grandmother....I mean, the other one?

(So the grandmother who died during casting was Derrick's mother's mother.)

Christine perused the letter.  Amber expresses grief in a hushed, Tennessee tone.

This post is getting long, so I will cut off here and continue covering the action in a new post.


Don't forget that Derrick basically gave the HoH win to Frankie, or at least stopped competing, so Frankie could get a picture of his grandpa in his HoH room.  Derrick knew that he would be safe this week, since his alliance members were both HoH's, but he did have to be a Have Not all week, which was the biggest concession.

(But I think Derrick liked this because it gave him a chance to fade back into the woodwork, to be honest.)


  1. I know that hushed, Tenn tone that you're talking about. I didn't realize it was a thing until you said it though.
    I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it was on Twitter that Frankie said that no one should use the veto this week out of respect for his and Derrick's loss. That's pretty despicable if it's true.

  2. I didn't hear about that, but I just heard Frankie and Zach talk about getting rid of Amber this week, so clearly they want someone to use the PoV.

    People were also saying Frankie vowed to "milk his grandfather's death" but nobody could back that up with the facts.

    Frankie would never say that. I hope. I think he is a good human being, I just don't like all the playing up to the cameras.


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