Friday, July 18, 2014

Nominations are Over, and Life in the #BB16 House Goes On..

The feeds were down for two hours, so I didn't know what was happening in there.  The kitchen was abuzz with activity, with Frankie and Cody both in the kitchen, and Derrick doing some dishes, so the ceremony has been over for awhile, I'm guessing.

Donny sits alone,and we can see hat the nominees are just as expected:

Victoria & Brittany- Cody's noms
Jocosta & Amber -  Frankie's noms

I love the way the new board shows us information like is interactive, I guess you could say.

Amber is tired of being a pawn, she says.  She only found out she was going to be a pawn again five minutes before it happened, she says.

Amber:  Why do I have to take one for the team again?  Why can't the guys step up?

Christine:  I makes me scared as a girl.

Amber:  Why can't Zach go up as a pawn?  Or Derrick?  If they're going to play the game this way, then I am, too.

They whispered about Brittany being the true target.

Jocosta came marching in with her words of encouragement and wisdom.  I think she almost caught them talking about know Jocosta doesn't like Christine, right?  She thinks she's sneaky.  And she is sneaky.

Jocosta hugs Amber and tells her not to think about it, as Brittany comes in stone faced and goes into the WC.

Amber:  At least I get to wear another cute costume, I guess...

They continued to whisper and I know Jocosta is happy she gets to compete for BoB with Amber, rather than Victoria.  I heard Jocosta mention Devin.

Amber:  Devin?  Can we just not mention him anymore?

Look at Brittany... she is going to BLOW this week.  She had virtually no sleep last night, and is picking fights like nobody's business right now.  She gets busy now, storming out of the shower stall.

Brittany:  They want Victoria to blow the BoB competition today, so I'll go home.  It's pretty fucking obvious....I've been up now three fucking's scary how it's happening.

Jocosta knows basic math.

Jocosta:  Four girls...four girls.

Jocosta needs to wipe that grin off her face, unless she wants to tempt fate with Brittany.  If she gets too cocky and loses the BoB, her ass is coming right back to the ATL this week.  Although she may have to drive two hours from Hartsfield to get to where ever it is she actually lives.

The Metro area is large, yo.

Brittany:  It's like a slap in the face to me....I don't understand.

(After the way Brittany spoke to Cody this morning?  C'mon Brittany.  You can see that here.)

Oh here we go...

Brittany:  I'm not even going to the finale, you guys...I'm just sick of this.

(If you want to get paid your fucking stipend you'll go to the fucking finale, Brittany.)

Brittany threatened to leave the game after Devin put her on the block, too.  So maybe this is part of her "process".  But the knights in shining armor who helped her last time want her gone now, so things don't look good for the her.  Particularly not with this shitty attitude.

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