Saturday, July 19, 2014

Miscellaneous Pictures Without a Home #BB16

Some of these pictures are from last night, some from this morning.

Last night Zach and Derrick sat up in the HoH with Amber, who seemed like she was on their side, despite bitching and moaning all day about being put up as a pawn in the game.  Specifically, she wondered why Zach and Derrick haven't been put up as pawns, since she's done it twice already.

(How pissed would she be if she know Derrick was trying to win $5,000 by putting her neck on the chopping block?)

Cody doesn't know why this sock monkey was in his HoH basket, but everyone is enjoying holding him and posing him in different, sometimes humiliating positions.

(Remember Clownie from last year?  See HERE and HERE.  Ha ha ha ha.)

The fauxhawk look Amber sported yesterday was courageous, if a bit misguided.

And Brittany was PISSED about being nominated.  And she stewed about it, and bitched and moaned.  She is positive that she is the target this week, and that Victoria will be used by the HoH every week to ensure the actual target goes home.

Brittany and Amber had a whisperfest for hours this morning, after which Amber officially became a flip flopper, joining forces with Brittany in hopes of flipping the house.

A noble idea, but it might be a few weeks too late.  Both of them said they really trust Derrick though, which is kind of funny since they both fancy themselves to be such shrewd game players.  Brittany, especially...she keeps saying she's got it all figured out.

Looks like Mama did laundry, too.  Take a look at those nicely-folded towels.

From this morning, after her shower, a glimpse behind the curtain.  It takes a lot of work to look that natural, I guess.  She's pretty to start with, but the make up makes her TV pretty, which can be a different story.

And I thought it was funny that Amber knew enough to cover the entire glass area with her towel, after just standing by and letting Brittany expose herself this morning. (Here you go.)

And then they went right back to whispering....

Caleb looks good with clothes on...and those horrid tats covered.  It looks like he lost some weight on slop last week, too.  He regaled the guys with stories about the little games his co-workers at Lowe's play on him back home.

One game involves them repeating every sentence that Caleb says, adding "he says" to the end of it.

So when you hear this happening in the house now, you'll know why.  Since Caleb's days at Lowe's were pre-Amber, what in the hell did he find to talk about?  Because you know people wouldn't play a game like this unless you talked too much, or told too many tall tales, right?

Brittany got a few hours of sleep, and is preparing to play for PoV.  During the PoV pick, she pulled the "House Guest Choice" button, and asked for volunteers.  Caleb volunteered, but told Cody afterwards that he would not be using it if he wins.  I guess Brittany's new friendship with Amber is rubbing Caleb the wrong way.

Why didn't Brittany pick Donny?  Or Jocosta?  Or Amber?  People who might have used it on her if they won?  She can still pick Jocosta and Amber, even if they won BoB, right?

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  1. I think Amber slightly resembles Lisa D'Amato from America's Next Top Model, especially from that first pic of her in this post.


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