Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Miscellaneous Pictures and Useless Info #BB16

The first series of pictures features Hayden, Cody and Amber taking snaps with the HoH camera yesterday afternoon.  This was towards the end of the hour-long photo session.

Only someone thin as a rail would dare wear a top printed with an assortment of donuts, right?

Cody got those cheesy white sunglasses in his HoH basket---they were confiscated from him when he first went into the house, from what I've heard him say.

Now let's skip ahead to after 2:00 am, as Cody and Derrick talk about the game.  Brittany came in and was obviously toasted.  She went on and on about not wanting to leave the game before Victoria.  She was very frustrated that nobody she approached would tell her who they were voting for, so Derrick told her to try again on Thursday.

Cody and Derrick started flirting with Brittany, which is always fun when someone is buzzed like Brittany is.  She said she can get really wasted on about 4 beers in the outside world.

Derrick:  Can you imagine her at 18 or 19 (i.e. when she got married)?  Smokin' hot...

Cody:  Oh, a smoke show!

Cody asked Brittany about the 35 year old guy she was seeing before she came in the house---is that something he should have to worry about?  Brittany said that she tried to talk to him to find out what his feelings were, and he said he'd see her again when she came back home.

Derrick:  Well, you were going on a reality show for the summer!  What's he supposed to say?

Brittany:  He made the choice to go to the King's game, when it was the last night we could spend time together...

Derrick:  A Kings game?

Brittany:  Well, it was a playoff game.

Cody:  A play off game? Well....

Brittany:  I spent the rest of the time with my was too late for him.

Cody:  That's cold.  And bitter...

Brittany hasn't introduced him to her kids yet.  She says that only happens when a relationship is official.  Cody asked her how many instagram pictures she has.

Brittany:  Oh, about 3,500.

Cody:  Well that's how many messages you are going to have waiting for you....comments on every one of them when you leave here.

Derrick thought his hair looked outstanding tonight.

Zach came in and wanted to know why Derrick couldn't stop talking about Production.  Derrick had been talking about the stipend with Cody, who didn't believe they would actually get one. Derrick said he actually read every word of the contract they all had to sign and they get $1,000 for each week they appear on the show or in sequester.

(I don't think the winner gets the stipend, though.  The winning prizes are listed as such on your 1099, too, so they are not taxed as self-employment income.  The stipends would qualify for self-employment taxes, though, in addition to income taxes, of course.  California taxes also have to be paid on all BB earnings, since the money was generated in that state.)

Brittany made an unkind comment about Cody's back, which is breaking out with psoriasis.  Cody was offended and Brittany apologized, saying she was just trying to be funny.  She offered to rub the psoriasis medicine on Cody's back, so I guess he forgave her for the smartass comment.

Zach came over to get a look, saying it didn't look too bad to him.  Cody said the skin problem is hereditary, and he is lucky because he doesn't have too bad a case of it, but it might get worse with age.

(I worked with people who had it, and their hands looked like burn really can be horrible.)

I could tell Derrick wanted to leave the room and go to bed, but he didn't want to leave Cody and Brittany alone.  (Probably so she wouldn't start begging Cody for a vote.)  Once Zach said he was ready to get in bed, then Derrick left the room, leaving Zach as the chaperone.

Brittany stroked Cody's arm for a few minutes.  He said his grandma used to do that, with her "long Italian fingernails".

Cody then said it was Brittany's turn, and started stroking her arm.  You can see Zach trying to shut them out and sleep on the other side of the bed.

Downstairs Amber, Jocosta and Frankie were getting ready for bed.  Frankie's acne is flaring up and he is considering going back on acne medication.  Derrick joined them, and I think Hayden was there too for a few minutes, flossing and brushing.

Derrick brought up Julie Chen saying this summer would be one long twisty twist after another, and they try to speculate about what that means in terms of Have Nots, double evictions, etc.  There was much discussion about Brittany being upstairs in bed between Cody and Zach, and also about who would be sleeping in what bed downstairs, and with whom.

After much discussion they realized Victoria was sleeping with Nicole, and Derrick said he didn't think Brittany would be coming downstairs tonight.  Jocosta was VERY upset about this, muttering that it just didn't look right....and Brittany wasn't thinking clearly....and she has kids.

Frankie went upstairs to find out what was going on.  He came right back down and said Brittany planned to sleep upstairs, and was in bed between Cody and Zach.

Jocosta paced, and was very upset about the whole thing.

Amber flossed, but did so in front of her compact mirror, probably so the entire internet would not see what was going on between her teeth.  Derrick said goodnight, and gave them each a family smooch as he left for bed.

Jocosta:  Amber, I have gas.  I am very worried.  Why am I so upset about this?  What does she think those boys can do to help her?  What if her kids watch this on their cellphones?  It just isn't right.

Amber continued to floss.

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