Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Team America #BB16

When BBAD kicked off last night, the show opened with Donny, Derrick and Frankie talking by the free weights in the backyard.  The audio was terrible, so I wondered why we were watching this, and not something more compelling, like, say, a half-naked Cody.

Then Derrick said:  America has chosen...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is your team.  Behold America's Team.

Donny:  Did ya'll go to the board and look?

Derrick:  Yeah...I had my ideas, but...

Frankie:  Yeah, I looked.  I had you pegged (indicating Donny), and either you (Derrick) or Christine..also because of the order that we got called in....

Derrick says they will need to talk more about it tomorrow, and even though they have other relationships in the house, they need to be sure the others stay because every time they "do what America tells them" they win $15,000 to share.

Derrick:  And none of us are targets right now....

Donny says it is rare to get an "outside feed" when you're playing Big Brother.

Derrick:  We'd be the biggest idiots not to do this...they just told us who we can as far as I"m concerned we're the last three...

Derrick said he wanted to get out of the DR as quickly as possible, since there were a lot of people around, but he can't thank America enough for giving him this opportunity.

Donny says their group has it all---they've got a brain in Derrick, a performer in Frankie, and if you need a beard, he's got one.

The conversation broke up when Caleb came over to discuss how they should shave or style Donny's beard.

I have mixed feelings about this.  I think Derrick had a good thing going in this game and I'm worried that this America's Team might mess things up.

CBS obviously wanted America to choose Donny, since they crafted two consecutive episodes that were all Boo Hoo Donny is Different....I thought they were embarrassing to watch but the TV show isn't aimed at me, or any of the live feeders, really.

And Frankie?  I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.  I have heard him trash talk about just about everyone but Christine, and he doesn't seem to be telling us the real story in the DR.  He's just playing up to the cameras most of the time.  Frankie is an interesting person, because under all of the glitter and manic energy, I think he is a very sad person and you can see it in his face sometimes.

I wonder what their tasks will be...will they be game-related like trying to influence someone's nominations or votes?  Or pranks like putting hot sauce in the peanut butter or mayonnaise inside Devin's shoes?

Let's take another look at Derrick.  I'm hoping his glasses are real, unlike the frames that Caleb has been wearing, which don't EVEN HAVE GLASS IN THEM.


I asked Derrick's wife Jana if the glasses are real, and she says Derrick has perfect 20/20 vision so the glasses are just for show.  We agreed that unlike Caleb, Derrick doesn't look like a douche wearing them.


I've told this story before here, but a few years ago I may or may not have made out with the "Can you hear me now?" guy near the sports betting window in the New York Casino in Las Vegas.

And by "may or may not" I meant that I did, but he may not have actually been that guy.  He said he was, and he looked like it, so that is what is important here.


  1. All three of these players seemed to be in a good position in the game, especially Derrick and Frankie. Just in time for America to fuck it all up. Ugh. American can't even pick the worst slop week foods!

  2. I wonder if Nicole's glasses are real? They just look too big for her face. I really hate that Frankie is part of TA, but I'm not surprised. He was telling outrageous lies to the girls about the guys women bashing, and then tried to start another all girls alliance including himself called the Flaming Queens. Hopefully he will be exposed soon.

  3. Derrick told Donny they would need to keep an eye on Frankie....Derrick didn't trust Frankie before Team America, and he doesn't now...

    I think Nicole's glasses are real. And I think Cody snatched back the fake glasses that Caleb took from him.


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