Thursday, July 10, 2014

Live Show Aftermath..and the Game Shifts #BB16

Cody was talking to Jocosta, and seemed totally absorbed in the conversation.  It was personal, I think, with Jocosta talking about her life.  (Are Cody and Derrick deliberately dividing and conquering this week?)

Cody asked Jocosta what she had in her mouth.  She said it was cucumber.

Cody:  Why do you have a cucumber in your mouth?

She explained that she didn't have any gum, and it keeps her breath fresh.  Cody was surprised to hear that.

I think this Amber shot could be in Elle (but not Vogue) with a desert safari theme in the background.

Derrick is relaxed and is enjoying things.

Hayden and Victoria are tired, I guess.  They certainly don't look too peppy.  I know Victoria has had a tough week in the Have Not room, so maybe that explains her Gangsta Lean in the picture.

Frankie decides to put on the Frankie Show, really hamming it up and acting like he is Derrick's best friend.  Due to Team America, I certainly don't think Frankie has to worry, but I think he's lucky to have that connection with Derrick.  Derrick doesn't really trust Frankie.

If Nicole wins the overall HoH, then Frankie may need to put on a different show.

Zach is loose and easy on the couch.  He didn't win HoH, but Derrick winning is the next best thing for him.  And he gets to eat in a few hours, too.

Donny tells him that Paola ended up being kind of sweet on Zach, even after their fight this week.

Donny:  She likes you...she told me so...maybe she can be your date to the Finale.

Zach:  Unless I'm in here....

Donny:  She'll be good and liquored up!

Derrick taps his FitBit.  If you tap it twice quickly, you get an indication of your steps..a little dot for each 2,000 steps taken.  The clock starts over at midnight, and you can track your workouts, too.  (It's really cool. I also use mine for sleeping---it tells me how long it took me to go to sleep, how many times I woke up, and how many times I was restless...I would LOVE to see that for the house guests.)

Nicole announces that she is glad that she gets to share the experience with Derrick.  Derrick says he is, too, and he never really gets to talk to Nicole much, and they both say they can talk now.

Derrick: I wonder what your dad will think about this?  Up there with a guy?

Nicole:  Oh, he knows you're married.

Derrick:  Maybe we'll mess up the blankets just to get him going..

Nicole says she doesn't care which bedroom she gets, but ends up saying she wants the back bedroom and that is fine with Derrick.  I'll bet Derrick is going to make good use of that Surveillance Spy Screen.

Amber's nervous ya'll.  Especially after Zach told her last night everyone was gunning for her. (A dastardly lie.  Sort of.)

And Cody is still in deep discussions with Jocosta, wearing Zach's camouflage tank top.  She is telling a story that ends with her saying that she always gets screwed over...she expects that.

Hey Boo.

Good lord.

What the hell is going on here?  Good thing her breath is cucumber-fresh.

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