Sunday, July 6, 2014

Let's Review the Situation.... #BB16

The last few days on the live feeds have been exhausting.  It has been one damn crazy thing after another.  Here are some key points that may have gone unnoticed during all of the drama.

Pao Pao Threw the BoB Competition

Devin called her up to his HoH Suite to assure her that if she threw the Battle of the Block competition, he would see that she was safe this week, and would look out for her in the future.  Because she was competing with Brittany on the BoB, if she lost, then Brittany would lose, too, leaving both of them up for nominations this week.

Devin swore Pao Pao to secrecy, in what I would have considered a threatening manner.  I later heard Pao Pao discussing this deal with Christine, who said it sounded like a good offer for Paola.

Devin, of course, held a long rambling meeting last night right before the PoV competition telling everyone in the Bomb Squad that he made this offer to Pao Pao, and that she took it.  Of course he was trying to drive home the point that he wants Brittany out, and boo hoo he has a daughter, etc etc etc.

Devin proceeded to win the PoV and now everyone is worried about what Devin will do now...keep the nominations the same, or replace one of the nominees.  Derrick hosted the BoB competition, and told the others that it was clear from his vantage point that Pao Pao didn't even try to win---she didn't wear her glasses and was just playing around.

Derrick:  At this point, I think throwing a competition is immoral....imagine being nominated with her, and playing the Battle of the Block and she throws it because everyone wants you out.  That just isn't right.  We should want her out, in addition to wanting to keep Brittany in the game.

Derrick makes a good point there.  As usual.

Caleb Rolled on His Bros and Tattled to Devin

Caleb told Devin that members of the Bomb Squad wanted him out.  He made it pretty clear that Cody and Zach were implicated in that.  So Devin made it clear in front of everyone last night that he didn't trust Zach, and after the PoV he straight up told Zach that he didn't trust him.

Devin even used the "dictator" term during his hastily-called Bomb Squad meeting.  After Devin broke up with Caleb and said the Bomb Squad was over, Zach used humor to diffuse the situaiton, and told the guys that he has been calling Devin "The Dictator" in the DR.  So he knows that Caleb told Devin that, and he might even suspect Frankie told Devin, too.

When Cody lashed out in the Bomb Squad meeting, asking Devin if he was threatening him, he almost blew up Caleb's spot and called him out about the shit he said about Devin.  Cody disclosed this in the Have Not room after the PoV competition.  He said when Devin started saying that he knew members of the Bomb Squad wanted him gone, he said Caleb was shaking a little, worried that Cody was going to blow.

Zach was very concerned about Devin saying he can't trust him.  That comment is gnawing at Zach...he's not going to just let it go.


Devin Clearly has Deep-Seated Issues

You may know by now that Devin has a criminal past.  If you didn't, please click this link to learn about his burglary arrest, and false information he gave to the police.

Do you think Devin just sat quietly in the back of the squad car?  Waiting to speak to his lawyer?  Of course not.  That big idiot was probably crying and using his putrid Valley Speak all the way to the correctional facility.

Devin's ass was in jail for three days before being bailed out, so that goes to show you how much people care about him.

In Devin's pre-season interview with Rachel and Ryan, Rachel mentioned that she saw on Devin's paperwork that he hoped to make some friends in the Big Brother house.  When she asked him about this, he shrugged it off and steered the conversation in another direction.

I think Devin filled out that paperwork in one of his emotional states, and that he indeed has no friends.  Who could be friends with someone like that, and have to listen to the same shit over and over and over?

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