Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Let's Catch Some Morning Rays #BB16

Since Amber is sunning herself in public, and speaking freely, I can only assume Caleb is still in his HoH Suite.

Hayden hopes that was the last night they will have to stay in the Have Not room.  I know the Have Nots get to eat at midnight,but I'm not sure if it is tonight or tomorrow night.

Growing up Amber used to watch airplanes fly overhead and then look at the flight books to try and figure out where they were going.  Life in a small town, folks.

Brittany asked Amber if she flies a lot alone, and Amber says she does and she loves it.  She meets so many people and they all take pictures of each other.

Brittany said the microwave blew up this morning and sparks were flying when she tried to heat up her coffee.  I've heard Jocosta say that the door on the microwave is burning hot and she learned the hard way not to touch it.

(Production needs to fix that...that sounds dangerous.)

Hayden has some little routine that he does in a strange voice reciting poetry or something.  They got him to do it last night---I tried to watch but I'm just not into it.  They talk about it now---some poem he made up about Brittany being a good mom with nice boobs.

Let's don't forget that Donny is in the house, too.  He went over to the elliptical machine to get a good sweat going.  On BBAD a few days ago, I did seem him running back and forth across the yard with Jocosta, so at least he's establishing routines although I haven't seen any poptarts yet.

Frankie came out and they discussed the pending lockdown---they expect to be locked down inside later today until Thursday's live show.  Nicole decided to go inside and put her bathing suit on to make the most of it.

Frankie:'ll have plenty of time to do things inside later...

Frankie also discussed a large crater on his face which he says is a result of Joey extracting a blemish a few days ago.  I did watch that (on BBAD, I think?) and Frankie seemed to be appreciative at the time.  If he doesn't wash his hands after he uses that germ-covered toilet (which I also saw on the feeds) than I don't think he can blame Joey for the crater.  Joey thoroughly washed her hands before touching his face (and after, too) and made that clear to Frankie at the time.

Nicole came back outside and started to get comfortable in the chair next to Frankie, but then BB reminded her to put on her microphone.  She forgot and left it inside and marched back in there to get it, grumbling.

Sometimes Frankie just talks to hear himself talk.  I think he feels like he needs to entertain us, but he doesn't.

Nicole came back out and Frankie asked her about her family.  She said her dad is a boss who does some sort of road construction.  He's only taken four days off from work in his life---his wedding, the birth of Nicole and her brother, and the day Nicole got her BB key.

Nicole's mother was a stay-at-home mom until Nicole went to high school.  She started getting bored so she got a job working in a tiny retail store in their town.

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