Friday, July 18, 2014

Last Night's Leftovers and Brittany's Weekly Meltdown #BB16

I watched the live feeds for as long as I could last night. On live show nights I get my little party started too early sometimes, and then I burn out. Literally.  I burn out.  Trust me I will monitor my intake a little more closely before next week's live endurance competition. (An educated guess...)

Although Derrick vowed to go back downstairs after his HoH week was over to "fade back into the background", I see no evidence of that now.  Surely he doesn't think people don't know he's working with Cody?  Or Frankie, at least temporarily?

He laid in bed with Frankie and Zach, and basically called out what the nominations should be.

(I think Zach had a great night on the CBS show...with his DR sessions about Devin, and then pulling a Faux Dr. Will speech at the drop of a hat in response to Julie's live question.  After that shining moment, I know Julie Chen will be calling on Zach again...he was clever, articulate, and required no bleeping that I could hear.)

They want to nominate four girls, apparently, and want to split up the Brittany-Jocasta connection by sending one of them home.  Derrick kept bringing up how this has to happen this week, since both of them are working with Donny.

And Derrick knows those three aren't members of the Derrick Fan Club right now...

Frankie got up on all fours to celebrate, humping the air.  Yes he did, but I have no picture of that.  I think the socks are enough, right?  I don't see anybody complaining about cuts on their fingers yet---in past years there were a lot of nicks and cuts from this challenge.  That chicken wire is sharp.

Zach and Cody had a quick moment in the Have Not room, celebrating their big night.  They immediately started plotting the nominations, and then remembered that they weren't supposed to talk about their nominations.  That is a new rule this year to prevent the two co-HoH's from colluding, I guess.

Frankie:  But we can still throw names around.....can't we?

Frankie will be the one to nominate Amber, since they want to nurture Amber's growing crush on Cody for game purposes.

I wish Frankie didn't have to drape himself all over every available person in that house. It is just undignified.

OK...on to the wee hours of this morning.  Brittany pulled an all nighter, and is puttering around the kitchen and reading a Bible.  Cody seems tired and got himself a snack of Tostitos and some sort of dip.  It is very quiet in there, and the conversation has little of the friendly. flirtatious tone that we are used to with these two house guests.

Cody asked her if she planned to stay up all night.  Brittany said that in the house you can hear echos of conversations upstairs and in the bedrooms, and when she sees people going in The Hive she knows they are plotting and scheming.

Brittany: So I stayed up all night...I've been in this situation two other times, and I usually stay up all night the night before...

Cody, crunching: What's that?

Brittany:  Twice before...I feel like a professional now.

The room is very quiet, and you can hear the hum of the equipment as the crew turns up their mics so we can all hear this.  It's getting good now.

Cody:  crunch...crunch....crunch

Brittany:  Jocosta deserves to be here more than some of those other know that.....just remember that Cody...


Cody:  Who.....what?

Brittany repeated the same line again, word for word.

Cody:  I....don't know who you're talking about...

Brittany, with a tone:  O'kay..

Cody:  What other people?

Brittany:  Just more than some of those other people....

Cody acted like he didn't hear that, making Brittany repeat it AGAIN.  (I hate it when men do that to me, but it is fun to watch now.)

Cody:  I know what people deserve to be here.....I know who deserves to go home.  I just thought we got to the point where you wouldn't have to beat around the bush.

Brittany, with a stronger tone:  I'm not beating around the bush.

Now they go back and forth about that for a time or two.

Brittany, with the "I'm gonna cry" voice:  I really don't care anymore, to be honest.  Yesterday was my last day of caring.  I'm just kind of over it.  I just hope Jocosta makes it further...

Cody:  I'm gonna be honest.  That really sucks to hear....

Brittany:  I just can't deal with the lies, and the fakeness, and all of the bullshit.  And I had a hard day yesterday.

Cody:  What was yesterday?

Brittany:  I just missed my was hard.

(And you are a bad loser Brittany.....that competition was designed for a woman to win, and  you and Saint Jocosta messed up. And with all due respect to Jocosta, fuck her.  Why does she "deserve to be there" more than anyone else?  I hate it when they start talking about the "good people" winning.)

Cody:  There is a lot of fakeness, but there is a lot of realness to it too, and I think you've kind of turned your back on that.

Brittany, with a smirk in her voice:  How did I turn my back on anything?

Cody:  It's different aspects, like with me...

Brittany throws that back at him, telling him he's used to having "like, six girls throw themselves at him".  Cody tells her that is an "immature statement".  Cody feels like he barely knew her and put his game on the line to save her that first week, and now he's hearing different things around the house.

Brittany:  But who are you hearing things from?  From people trying to save their own ass?  I haven't heard much about you...I've heard things about Derrick, but not you.  I've heard I'm not supposed to trust him, but I tell him more than I tell anybody.  So I haven't really heard much about you..

She yawns.

Brittany:  I don't know what to tell you Cody.  The girls in this house are driving me insane.

Cody:  Hmm?

Brittany: Nothing.

There is a long period of silence.  Several minutes, I think.  Cody can wait it out...he's probably dealt with dozens of whiny women in his developing dating career.  He can outlast Brittany, for sure.

Brittany, sighing:  And just so you know, I haven't heard anything about you...I'm assuming I"m going home this week, so I'll give you my breakdown on that board...(the memory wall)

Cody tries to stop her, but she keeps going.

Brittany:  Nicole would be the ninth person...if there's nine people going to Jury.  There's Caleb and Amber..they're sticking together.  And Nicole and Christine..Victoria is going to be used as the new Pao, Zach is going to float around a bit, so will Frankie...Donny and Jocosta will be gone (GOOD!) and then it will come down to Derrick, and Hayden.....If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't tell you.

(Oh, so she's trying to tell CODY what is going on in the house?)

Cody:  I just felt it was clear as water after week two that we were going to save you, and you just turned your back on it.

Brittany:  I'm not going to argue with you Cody...everyone loves to say they "heard something", but never wants to back it up.

Cody says he has heard it from several people, but Brittany swears she's never said anything about him or Derrick.

Brittany:  Just don't give me shit. I pretty much just had to check Nicole's ass..

(Well, you better believe I watched the tape on that can see that here.)

Cody:  Let me get this said I would be making my decision based on girls chasing me around the house..

Brittany:  I didn't say that.

Now they are both talking and going in circles.. Brittany says she's not going to go run up the HoH room every ten minutes to kiss ass, and Cody says it's not like he's Devin...she can come up there and grab him...then they go back to total silence.  Until Brittany can't take it anymore, and says "I'm going to bed, Cody", and puts the furry pillow in her empty chair on the way out.

Cody sits calmly, sighing a little.  She's just made his job of nominating her easier, I think.  Maybe he should have taken off the knit cap so she could get the full effect of the Clark Kent hair?

Get some sleep, boo.

One more thing:  take a look at how messy the counter space is right now.  Dirty plates, half-filled glasses, soiled napkins just balled up and left on the plate.  I am happy to report that Cody did a very thorough wash job on the bowl he used for his dip, even washing it a second time after sniffing it after the first.

Cody got the ant spray from under the sink and killed a few ants for good measure...near the sink....on the floor.  I think those are acceptable losses for the army of ants that vacations in the Big Brother house every summer.  In fact, I'll bet they live there year round, since that set just sits vacant most of the time.

Cody also did a good job washing his glass, and put his chip bag away before going up to his HoH room.

If I were Cody, I would just tip that whole chip bag into my mouth, and not worry about the calories.

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