Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Green #BB16

Devin was the only one up for a while.  He's a Have Not, and he got up early and laid outside on the hammock.  I'll bet it feels good out there at that hour, after laying on that brick in the Have Not room.

Nicole got ready for the day, and her frog costume.

Last night I thought Production had given Nicole some green shorts to wear, but it turns out she rolled up the legs as far as she could.

Jocosta sounds much better.  She says all she has to do is finish the liquids "they" gave her and then she doesn't have to keep getting checked up on.  Then she proceeded to list a lot of liquids...a bottle of electrolytes, and I think six bottles of water.  And they told her to eat more fruits and vegetables so her body had more nutrients.

Jocosta needs to start doing the right thing in there.  Eat like an adult and stop sprinkling Benefiber over every bite of food.

She can't believe she tried to take a shower yesterday.  She should have taken a chair in the shower, she says.

(She did look horrible.  She could hardly move yesterday morning.)

Hayden, Donny and Nicole sat outside and had light conversation that turned personal at some point.  Nicole doesn't think that she can ever get married because she ends up getting bored with the same guy.  She stays with them for about five years, but she gets bored.

She and Hayden believe they are exact opposites....two different to make things work.

Donny:  Yeah, but opposites attract.

Nicole:  For a minute...

Hayden brings up the rumor that Zach likes Nicole, and Nicole sounds like she may not believe it. After Hayden went inside Donny brought it up again.

Donny:  So, Zach likes ya?

Nicole:  Yeah....I guess.

Donny:  You could get to meet Amanda Zuckerman!

Nicole:  You think that's true?

Donny says he if he had to guess, it probably wasn't, but it might be.  Who knows.  Nicole says it might be true, and after thinking about it, she thinks they do look a little alike.   Donny wondered what Christine thought, and Nicole said she thought it could be a possibility.

Donny says he'll look at Zach a little closer today, to see if he can see a resemblance.

(Donny is trying to complete the Team America challenge.  You can see them come up with the idea here.)

Nicole wonders what guy Donny would find the most attractive if he was a girl.  Donny thought for a minute or so before speaking.

Donny:  Hayden, because Cody is so good lookin' that he would be bombarded, and would have too many girls around.  He's a good lookin' fella and he's just used to having them around.  I don't think he's a bad guy, he just flirts because it's his nature.  Zach is not a character for you...I think he's got a good heart.

Nicole agrees that Cody doesn't have a bad bone in his body, but he is a flirt.  She says she told Zach she thought he would meet the right girl someday and she would change him.  Right then Hayden dashed back outside with a banana for Nicole.

Donny:  There's your answer right there.

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