Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HoH Picture Time #BB16

Cody got his HoH camera, and has the usual hour to use it.  He comes outside, laughing about how there are only a handful of people awake to pose for pictures.  He took selfies with some of the sleeping house guests, he says.

Cody:  Nicole, what are you doing up?

Nicole:  I had to get up for the DR.  I took my stuff and got ready in there...

Cody took a picture of Donny on the elliptical trainer, and then one of Jocosta and Nicole.  Earlier, Nicole told Donny that Production finally gave her a spare German-tard, but she wants to keep the new one for Thursday's live show.

Donny:  Well, the one you're wearin' looks clean.

Nicole:  No, I already spilled crap on this one today.

Derrick got up to participate in the HoH pictures, but Brittany saw him and dragged him into the Hive to talk to him about the votes.  She already dragged Victoria in there earlier today, and then Victoria went into the Fire Room where Derrick was sleeping and whispered to him exactly what Brittany said.  (Derrick has cultivated Victoria very well....)

Derrick:  Well, I'll try and find out what I can, but nobody's going to tell me anything, because they know we are working together...or that we're friends.

Brittany: But you talk to everybody, Derrick.

Derrick:  Yeah, but it's different with you...everybody sees that.

Derrick said he'd try to talk to Cody to see what is going on, but doesn't expect to get much good information.  (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Derrick finally got out of there alive and enjoyed taking some selfies with Cody.  Derrick actually ran around the house last night looking for a different color beanie to wear today.  I think he borrowed this one from Hayden.  He said he needed to wear different color beanies in the DR so he wouldn't "look like a fool".

Derrick took this one with Nicole, calling it "First Date".

Christine does not like to be in the HoH pictures, and when she walked through the kitchen Cody and Nicole chased her like paparazzi, shouting her name while she ran.  It was really funny.

Jocosta came over for a selfie with Cody, and Cody laughed when he saw the picture with Brittany in the background.

How long is Brittany going to leave the hair down today?

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