Thursday, July 17, 2014

HoH Aftermath: Some are Happy, Some are Crappy. #BB16

Brittany:  I hope I don't go up again..

Victoria:  I'm worried...

Brittany, a little snappy: We're all worried...every time.

Hayden laughed as he remembered Zach's speech about disliking everyone.  He was really impressed, I could tell.

They also laughed about Hayden asking Julie about Survivor. They all seem to think it was really clever, but I'll bet Julie Chen didn't think so.

FYI  Last week I heard Hayden admit to Frankie that he moved out to California in hopes of getting into the entertainment business.  Of course he wants to get into show business.  No one moves across the country by themselves to Los Angeles, and makes You Tube videos for any other reason.  Once I heard him say that, I realized that Hayden is putting on a show just as much as Frankie is...

Frankie did a little dance through the living room, twirling and then apologizing for it.

Is Donny worried this week? If he isn't, I think he should be.  I've heard Cody say in the last 12 hours that he would nominate Jocosta, Amber or Victoria if he won.  I think Frankie might want to make a big move though, and Team America might be involved in that.  I guess you could say Amber is a physical threat---compared to the other girls she is a beast, albeit a small one, since they have to get a "physical threat" nominated.

Cody:  I'll have to admit that during that competition I thought about how bad Devin would have been at it.  With those big fingers...

Caleb was sitting right there when Cody said that.  Was that a stone?  Implying they should have evicted Caleb instead of Devin? It might have been.

They want to make some deviled eggs tonight, in tribute to the competition.  The Have Nots are starting to get antsy.  Caleb asked Amber if they have what they need to make chicken and dumplings.

Or more accurately, does Amber have what she needs to make chicken and dumplings.  Caleb went back to the couch and plopped down.

A little while ago, Derrick and Caleb whispered to each other that they were golden this week....and Derrick made a comment about Day #45 here we come....

And Caleb is openly discussing how ready he will be for the endurance competition that is sure to come this Thursday....right in front of everyone.  And also saying he hopes his next HoH basket has moonshine and other goodies.

You know what they say:  He who knows little soon tells it.

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  1. Caleb thought the have not food was making his estrogen levels rise and caused a lump in his breast. He also said last night that he invented the saying "Drunker than Cooter Brown." Which anyone from the south (and maybe everywhere else?) knows is inaccurate. He is too much.


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