Friday, July 11, 2014

Hayden Proposes and Visits Nicole's Salon #BB16

Devin sat in the living room and blew smoke up Donny's ass, apologizing over and over for targeting him the first week.  He would never do that to him again, he says.

(He backstabbed another alliance member the very next week!)

Devin:  I'll put you on my back and carry you to the end, Donny.

(What a dick. Donny doesn't need anybody to carry him.)

Donny meets with Nicole, and tells her this is her dream come true, and she did it. Her nominations are her own's not a co-HoH as far as that goes.

Nicole:  Some people are going to be upset.

Donny:  Well, that's gonna happen anyway.

Nicole wants to make a move this week. She wouldn't want someone to win the game who was scared to make moves.

Donny:  Well, I'll tell you what you should do.  Just say that the first two people who come up there to pester you are being need some time to think!

Nicole hopes she has time to think about it.  She's not sure what to do just yet.

As if on cue, Jocosta comes in the room and asks Nicole almost immediately what she plans to do.  Nicole says she doesn't know yet.

(Slow down there, Jocosta. Pump the breaks, hon.  People are throwing your name around already.)

Nicole gets called to the kitchen where a joking Hayden gets down on one knee and presents Nicole with a box on top of a small pillow.

Hayden:  I'm asking you to be my wife.

And he pulls out some sort of ring out of the box.

 Everyone is laughing and this is the main focal point right now.

She took it and then threw it at him and he fell back, laughing.  Nicole just wants to straighten his hair.  They planned to do that to pass a little time.

She starts combing his hair out and they mutter about what a night it was.  Hayden is totally stoked that she won, but he is sorry that she's in the position she's in now, having to nominate people.

Nicole:  I'd be totally stoked if you won..if I have to pick the Have Nots I'm going to vomit.

Brittany came in with her ring, and says it fits perfectly now.  She asked Hayden's last name again and then presented the ring to "Nicole Voss".  Nicole thinks her dad is so happy at home right now, watching her win HoH.

And here is Hayden with straight hair. Frankie says it is beautiful, and he looks like Fabio.  Caleb said it did look good, and Hayden thinks he looks like one of the Lords of Dogtown boys.  I hear someone mention the Hansen Brothers (ha ha ha) and also I hear a Brad Pitt.

Nicole:  I love it.

Christine:  You do?  I like guys with curly hair...

By he way, I totally think Hayden was clowning the McCranda "wedding" with his "proposal".  Remember they had the whole bachelor and bachelorette party, as well as the wedding?


The best part though, was the selection of rather explicit Bible verses that McCrae selected to be read during the ceremony.  As the officiator, Andy read them in a deadpan manner wearing the Dracula costume he wore as a PoV host.  It really was hard not to crack up.  And Elissa was so offended by it....classic.

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  1. Did you see last night where they played Truth or Dare? Caleb had to suck Hayden's toe. So gross. Hayden seems like the type of guy that likes to go barefoot. They dared Zack to lick Jocosta's houseshoe. But he refused because he didn't want to get hepatitis. Hahaha


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