Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hayden Discusses Meeting Zach #BB16

Hayden:  When I first met Zach, I guess he thought we were both on the same page, so he came up to me and said "isn't it sick that we are here?" and then he told me he was just here for the camera time, and when we went outside to the HoH competition he asked me "dude, are you  gonna try and win it?" and I said yeah and he said, "I'll probably throw it".

Cody laughed.

Hayden:  Why would he tell me that after just meeting me?  I was like, yeah, I'm definitely not here for the half million dollars..that would be stupid!

Cody:  Right?  Why would you do that?

(FYI Cody made the shot in the picture above.)

Hayden:  And the thing is, he really is just here for airtime.

Cody:  Yep.

Hayden:  Unless he's using that his strategy...which he is!  Definitely.

Cody:  Yeah.

Cody admits he had no idea about the $1,000 per week stipend, because he didn't read the contract he signed.  (Derrick had to explain it to him, last week.)  He's happy about that, but would rather have the $50,000 or $500,000 prize.

Hayden: Isn't it funny how different Zach was the first week he was here?  All he did is sleep all day..

Cody:  And he's definitely gaining weight.  He's getting flabby as fuck.

Hayden:  Yeah, he's gaining a lot of weight.

Cody:  I'm like, yo buddy, where's your abs at?

Hayden:  I don't think he cares, though.

Cody:  No, he doesn't.  But I don't get what he's is that happening?  I guess he's not working out.

Hayden:  He eats all of the time, and he doesn't work out.

(Yep, that would do it.)

Hayden:  He needs to be a Have Not again.

Cody:  Yeah that would shred him up.

Hayden:  Not that he cares.

They discussed how Donny obviously likes to spend time alone in the morning.  Hayden thinks Donny is used to being alone most of the time at home, and the house is probably pretty overwhelming for him at times.  They agreed that morning is probably the time Donny enjoys just having peace and quiet.

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