Saturday, July 19, 2014

Good Mornin' Cody. #BB16

The cameras just follow Cody around this morning, so I will, too.  Everyone was strongly encouraged by Production to get up and get ready for the PoV Player Pick.  Strongly.  As in, "Get the Fuck up House Guests" (practically)

Cody went in the Storage room to get some breakfast and talked some trash about Brittany with Derrick.  He told Derrick that Britney approached him to say that she wanted to stay in the game, and to play in PoV or be the host, if possible.

Cody:  If she plays in the PoV she can't be the host.  And what does she think I'm going to do about it?

Cody reported that he had to go upstairs and take care of some bathroom business.

Zach came in sporting an interesting look to get items to make breakfast.   He listened to Derrick relay some of the Brittany information and agreed they'd all talk later.

Cody ate his yogurt, talking to Frankie while he was in the bathroom, taking tiny bites while speaking.

I think John Stamos has every reason to worry about his greek yogurt commercial contract.  There's a new hottie yogurt eater in town, John.

Cody went downstairs and ate a breakfast sandwich that Zach made for him, with egg and avocado.  It's a big sandwich...Cody has to go really wide to take a complete bite.

He later said to Zach that he owed him for that great sandwich.  It was perfect, he says.

Victoria is eating some Sugar Pops and asks Zach for the remaining avocado, which he gave her.  She wants to make some eggs or something with it--you can see the tiny piece of avocado in front of her.  It's just a scrap..Zach should have just eaten it himself.

Christine was there, too, eating quietly.

I'm going to write a post on Victoria next....lots of drama there, but unfortunately I don't think any of it can be broadcast on the CBS shows.  Stay tuned for that...

Frankie skips a cup of coffee, saying that if he's chosen to play PoV he's going right back to sleep to rest up for the competition.

Zach is still sporting this courageous look, providing proof that Zach gives "zero fucks" and is very confident.

Zach:  I actually slept really well last night.  I don't think I'll take a nap today.

Everyone laughed at that and told Zach to get real.  He asks if they think he has slept the most hours in the BB house and they can't even come up with a close second.

Cody put his dishes in the sink and put his chin on Amber's shoulder for a second.  I wasn't quick enough to shoot it, but trust me it happened.

Nicole was next, getting her Cody morning love.

I hate to tell Nicole, but the rest of her day is going straight downhill, after that.  Sad, but true.

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