Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go You Chicken Fat, Go #BB16

For the last four days (not including this morning) one of the wake up songs has caused a lot of controversy.  Basically the house guests hate the song, think it is too long, don't understand why it keeps being repeated, etc.

I heard Hayden repeat some of the song lyrics, and figured out which song is driving them crazy.  Way back in 1962, President John F. Kennedy sponsored a program for kids to be more physically active in school---the President's Physical Fitness Test.  Some of you may remember that awful period of time every year when you had to complete an inane series of tasks to determine if you were deemed fit enough to earn a special patch that would be sewn on your gymsuit.  You had to hang by a bar a certain way.....jump into a pit of sand.....climb up a rope...etc.

We never practiced for any of these assorted feats of strength...we just did them in front of someone with a clipboard and stopwatch, in front of the whole school, it seemed.  And we were all judged by age group, rather than by height or weight which might of been more helpful for someone like myself, who was nicknamed "Shrimp" for most of my growing up years.

Anyway, the "Chicken Fat" song was written to promote this program, and is now being used in an Apple commercial, but the house guests don't know that since the commercial started airing in late June.

Here is the song, if you'd like to hear it.   This clip is not the whole song, but it is certainly long enough for you to get a feel for it, and understand why the house guests are perplexed to hear it every morning.   I love all of the historic pictures in the video.  People weren't so sensitive back then...it was okay to call kids fat, I guess.

If anyone in the Big Brother house is able to think critically right now, they will realize that the song is trying to tell them something.  The fitness trackers that the house guests are wearing will determine who the Have Nots will be next week.

As of June 20th, here are the four leaders in the house as far as physical activity tracker results go:

No surprise that Brittany is on top, since she spent about 20 hours walking around kicking a ball.  But the ones at the bottom are the ones at risk.  As of June 20th, here are the bottom four house guests, or the Chicken Fat as you might say.

I can't imagine that Nicole is going to be doing too much running around, since she has to carry that huge sausage and stein around all week.  I think we'd all like to see Frankie wind up in the Have Not room for a long list of reasons, so maybe there will be a change in the standings before the Have Nots are announced.

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