Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting Ready to Get Ready #BB16

On a live show day the feeds are up and down a lot, as Production talks to the house guests and they have rehearsals throughout the day.

(Production can't have their voices on the live feeds, since the feeds are being broadcast.  Otherwise they would need to be paid as performers...or something like that.  The recorded messages that are played are supposed to be the only voices we hear on the live feeds besides the house guests.)

The HoH room is closed for the week, and will be locked until the new HoH gets their key later this evening.  So Cody is back in the general population, and is going through his clothes in the Have Not room as Caleb gets dressed, and talks about Caleb, of course.

Caleb:  I like this shirt because it's got the two snaps on the sleeves....I got it for like, $12.

Cody:  That's a cool shirt.  You got it for $12?

Caleb won't wear it with shorts, he says. It looks best with his "Rock" jeans, from a fashion perspective.  Caleb then went into a whole monologue about his hair.  It looked just like Cody's when he first came in the house, but now it's longer, and the top now has a "JB" look. (Justin Bieber?  Oh my god.)

Caleb:  By the time we get to Jury, my hair'll be long on top and I'll be wearin' this shirt with my skinny's, boots and a'll be sharp!

(Cody doesn't want to go to Jury with Caleb....)

In the Fire Room Jocosta could care less about looking sharp in the Jury House. She had another episode this week and was vomiting into a trash can, but thankfully I haven't heard her discuss any bowel problems this week.

Zach and Derrick rest up.  I'm sure today has been long and tiring...

From what I hear, the Fire Room is much more comfortable to sleep in.  The Rock Room may be darker, but apparently the beds are not very soft, and those plastic rocks make a hard base.  The wake-up music is much louder in there, too.

Cody and Caleb are the only signs of life on the live feeds right now.  Caleb just keeps talking about himself, and Cody does a good job showing interest, and interjecting little comments here and there to agree with Caleb about how awesome Caleb is.

Look at all that mess on the floor.  Clothes and shoes everywhere.  I have read other Big Brother websites where they talk about how Caleb's body has shrunk, putting the blame on him not being able to take steroids in the house.

I don't know about that, but I'm sure his diet has changed, and he probably doesn't work out much at all compared to what he does at home.

Caleb gets out all of his various hair care gels and pomades, and discusses them all with Cody, asking him to even smell one of them.  Cody is on the way to the DR to return his HoH robe, and Caleb asks him to find out if they will be wearing athletic clothes tonight, so he can stop wasting time dressing up if he doesn't need to.

(We all need to know that, right?)

The girls are getting ready for tonight.  I guess Nicole knows what she is going to wear.

Brittany comes out of the bathroom, wearing the same outfit she wore on Tuesday night.  I hope she doesn't wear that on the live show.  Even Cody mentioned to the guys that it wasn't flattering on her.

The girls' conversation reveals they don't know how to dress for tonight yet, either.  They were discussing some guy they "needed to keep an eye on" and Nicole says she was "flicking him off'.

Christine:  Flicking him off?  Or flipping him off?

With that, the feeds go back down.

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