Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Frankie Tweets: He's Ready For His Close Up Now #BB16

I was watching the live feeds today when Frankie came bursting into the bathroom where the girls were getting ready, saying that "they" asked him if he didn't want to put some more effort into getting ready today.

Frankie:  Obviously there's going to be a montage of me on the CBS show blogging and tweeting, and taking the HoH pictures.

Christine said in all of her years as a Big Brother fan, she never knew that to be the case.

Frankie:  But a video on the CBS website, maybe?

Christine:  No...I've never seen it.

Frankie: But Julie said there were twists....and this season would be the most interactive ever!

Sorry Frankie-----not gonna happen, even for you.  Frankie's tweets are annoying as hell.  He uses his sister's lyrics, too.

xoxo. ....Ugh...

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