Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frankie Learns the Bad News... #BB16

This all happened around 5:00 pm BBT on Wednesday, just as the CBS episode was airing on the East Coast.  Frankie went in the DR and apparently they gave him a letter from his family.  When the feeds came back Frankie was in the living room with the entire cast, except Caleb, sharing the news and grieving.

(FYI Frankie's grandfather Frank Grande passed away yesterday after a long bout with cancer.  You may recall that on July 4th Ariana cancelled some sort of live holiday appearance due to her grandfather's illness, so he must have been very ill in the past few weeks.)

Frankie is just glad that he got to speak to his grandfather before he came in the Big Brother house.  His family said in the letter that his grandfather said he wanted Frankie to stay in the Big Brother house because "that is his dream".

Amber straightened her hair yesterday, in case you don't recognize her in the pictures.

I'm sure situations like this one make everyone think about their families, and what could be going on in their homes, too.  The room is very silent, except for Frankie speaking and occasional murmurings of support from the girls.

Frankie's aunt died eight years ago and at the time Frankie was the only one strong enough to say the eulogy, so he's "kind of been preparing himself for his grandfather's eulogy", to be the strong one again with the time came.  The funeral is this Saturday, and he wants the house to say a prayer or something with him at that time.  The family is going to wait to have the "celebration of life" until Frankie can join them.  He's glad his family is together right now and he thinks they can handle it.

Frankie, reading from letter:  ..and a few days ago grandpa said he was proud of you, and if anything happened to him he didn't want it to interfere with this opportunity......even though he had no idea what was happening on the show, he was watching the live feeds...he's watching now in heaven and I'm sure that is better than any live feed we've got...

Frankie jokes that his grandfather was probably so confused watching the CBS show.  He is glad that he got to see Frankie win HoH, but thinks it is good he didn't see Frankie wearing that referee costume.

Where was Caleb during all of this?  Kind of goes to show you how out of the loop Caleb one even thought to wake him up, apparently.

Frankie's grandfather fought in WWII, and was a communications officer in the Army and was then stationed in San Francisco.  He always wore a suit and tie, and Frankie says there is a picture of the two of them laying out in the son, Frankie in a bikini and Frank in a suit and tie.

Frankie:  They said if I win HoH tomorrow I can get a picture of him....

The Crowd: Oh....good!

(They won't just let Frankie win, will they?)

Derrick:  Maybe when the show is over they can give you something to remember him by...

(Well, Derrick won't, based on that statement...)

Frankie wants a cure for cancer--it has now taken two members of his immediate family.  Amber co-signs that.

Frankie:  When I went in there I was all chipper, with my make up bag (each house guest has a little bag in the DR with powder, etc, to help them get camera-ready) and then they said, we have something for you that is not game related, and I was like "uh oh", but they're letting me send a message to my family...  RIP Frank Grande...(note he pronounced the last name to rhyme with "candy")

Frankie:  He was such a cute man....should we cook salmon?  I'll cook salmon..that will make me feel it weird that I'm jealous that my whole family is together now?  I know if they couldn't do it, they would ask me to come home...that's the kind of family I have.

Derrick:  Play for him now.

Frankie:  Yeah, he overcame cancer two and a half's the least I could do

Frankie's grandparents met when they were 11 years old, in Brooklyn. Frankie started imitating them and cracking jokes about their daily life.  Frankie and his cousin plan to "do a book about what Grandpa says" one day.

Frankie:  He was the first one to accept my sexuality, and led the charge for everyone else to accept it.

(Sean in the DR is the one that told Frankie...Frankie likes his voice.)

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