Thursday, July 10, 2014

Excitement is in the Air Today... #BB16

as the house guests scurry around, getting ready for the live show rehearsal.  The live feeds are down at the moment, probably until the show, but this action happened around 10:30 this morning, BBT.

First of all, let me state that I just came home from the eye doctor, and my eyes are dilated.  If there are typos and other mistakes here, I will circle back and correct them later.

OK.  The girls are getting ready, as only girls can.  With products spread all over, and lots of mirror close ups.

I'm excited, because I think I just took a bad picture of Amber.

Oops...another one!  Ha ha ha.

Amber looked down to her left and said that "this thing is see through...I have to put something on under it".  Even with blurry vision, I can see some extreme cleavage there.  Since tonight is not a particularly physical competition, I expect the girls to pull out their best looks for the live show.

And for Amber, I guess we will see some skin.  Nicole asked Amber if she would help her with her makeup for tonight, and Amber said "sure".  Surely Amber knows how much Nicole hates her, right?   I don't think Nicole was in the Amber Fan Club even before Amber put her up on the block with Hayden, but I have certainly heard Nicole say "I hate Amber" a number of times.

But I don't think Amber is in a position to tell anybody "no" when asked for favors right now.  She knows her ass will be on the line this week, if Caleb doesn't win HoH.  And if that isn't enough, Zach told her last night that "everyone was gunning for her" and she freaked out.

You can see Zach crow about this development here.  About that:  Zach asked both Christine and Zach to keep the information about what Zach did to themselves, which could be a problem.  You just know two-faced Frankie is going to blab it up as soon as he thinks that information will help him.  Or to hurt Zach.

OK.  The girls are boring, so I went in search of Derrick, and didn't have to look far.  Derrick is sitting in the kitchen with Donny, Cody, and a few others, talking about breakfast foods.

Cody: McDonalds's I get the sausage, egg and cheese sandwich....

Derrick, obviously starving:  OH!  My god!  Just drop that fucking thing right in front of me now and it will be gone in like two seconds.

Derrick says he knows that "it's horrible for you", but some mornings he goes to Dunkin Donuts and gets two of the breakfast wraps to go.

Cody:  I thought they were trying to make healthier foods...

Derrick: No, it's still horrible.

(If you don't know, Dunkin Donuts is HUGE in the Northeast.  It seems like there is one on virtually every block in Boston.  They are just starting to invade Manhattan, I think, and are here and there around the Southeast.  In fact, my first date ever was with a boy whose family owned the local Dunken Donuts franchise.  After a movie we went to the restaurant and ate one bite out of every single doughnut flavor. A solid date, actually.)

Derrick went to the website and knows that each wrap is about 260 calories, but says even the egg white wrap is "horrible for you", but they are delicious.  I guess he means the fat content, or maybe the sodium.

I wonder what sinister thoughts are in Zach's head now?  I hope he got a good night's sleep, and is ready to rumble tonight.

Maybe he is thinking about being able to eat at midnight, and moving back to The Cave tonight.  Or maybe to the HoH Room...who knows.

Derrick gives a shout out to the live feeders (Heeeyyy!) and says we are with them every day.  Now he says we are bottom feeders.  OK Derrick.  Shut up now.

Zach asks Donny on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited is he about tonight.

Donny:  Fo-our. (two syllables)

Zach:  You could be HoH!

Donny: Si-ix.  (two syllables, again)

Cody:  Only two points?

Donny:  Eight?

Cody and Zach could deal with eight. Donny sips his coffee and I'm sure he is enjoying the comraderie these days.  He seemed really lonely at first but the America's Team situation probably gives him a new sense of belonging.

Donny explains that he never really gets too excited about anything.  Derrick says that is probably a good thing, and then says they will be locked down upstairs at around 11:30.

Donny:  Oh..I just went back down to a fo-our.  (ha ha)

Derrick just had his last bowl of slop, but may need a few bites before the show.  He says he didn't get much sleep last night, but that's okay because he will sleep like a rock tonight.

Zach: soon as the live show is over, I'll probably take a shower and a nap.  Then wake up at 11:59 and CRUSH a turkey-avocado sandwich.

Derrick pounds the counter with both hands in anticipation five times.

Zach plans to put a lot of work into his sandwich and make it look real pretty.  He might even put a little cottage cheese on the side.  Christine co-signs that cottage cheese.


In the waiting room at the doctors, I had to sit and wait for 15 minutes while my eyes dilated.  I couldn't read or look at my phone because my vision was blurred, so I watched TV.  It was tuned to an ABC soap opera that had a gay storyline.  There was a hot looking brunette dude with no shirt, and he apparently was breaking up with a studious-looking Asian guy who kept apologizing for whatever he did wrong.  But the hunk had already met a new guy at a club, I think, and wanted to move on.  I think someone's name was Dante.

Dante, or whoever, to the Asian Dude:  I just wanted you to be that guy that I met at the club...

OK...this whole thing made me think about The Bold and the Beautiful, which always hires a few Big Brother people after the season in hopes of a ratings boost.  The scenes are usually at a bar and the house guests are waitresses or bartenders.

They even pull people from other CBS shows as necessary, like Malcolm from Survivor.  I watched Malcolm's scene on You Tube, and I thought it was a gay porn.  Don't believe me?  Just watch this.

Poor Malcolm.  His voice was shaking the whole time.

Anyway, Brendon and Rachel have been on the soap quite a few times, and last year Elissa made an appearance as well.  And Howard from last season.  In the past Jeff and Jordan have made appearances, and Drew Daniel from BB5.

And finally, my point:

Which BB16 house guest(s) will be on The Bold and the Beautiful this year?   I'm pretty sure Devin is a shoe-in.. he has the perfect soap opera look and voice.  Maybe he can be a trainer in the gym or the pool boy or something.  He would be perfect on the show, and could even play an executive of some sort.  Or maybe just a dad.  You know, with a daughter.

And Cody is just as hot as Dante (or whoever), who apparently has his choice of dudes on the ABC soap.  I recommend Cody stop getting tattoos, because that is going to limit his opportunities on TV and also modeling.   They can cover up tattoos, but it costs time and money.  If Derrick makes it far in the game, I can see him making an appearance as a police officer, and maybe slapping the cuffs on some low life perp.

I urge Derrick to watch the clip of Malcolm above before making any rash decisions.  Embarrassment lasts forever on You Tube.

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