Monday, July 7, 2014

Devin's Motor Mouth Cranks Up #BB16

Devin just marched Hayden up the stairs to the HoH Suite and made a long-winded invitation to the Bomb Squad.  He does the math and says that if Hayden joins, they are eight strong and this is the safest way to ensure he makes the Jury.

Devin counted the votes to evict Zach, and didn't even want to hear Caleb's comments about it.  (SHOCKER.)  He counted Derrick, Brittany, and Christine among the people who would be voting to evict Zach, and Hayden maintained a straight face throughout.

Devin wants to stop all of this personal stuff from coming into the game and makes the pitch again.  The first time, Hayden said that today was just so crazy, and every single person in the house is trying to talk to him today, and he and Nicole feel like they got dragged into this whole mess.

Hayden:  I still like you guys as people.....we'll be friends after this...the weak people need to go first, and I think everybody agrees about that...

Caleb joined in to try and close the deal, asking Hayden wouldn't it be great for him to get to the end and have all of his alliance members in the Jury voting for him?  Caleb quickly adds that Hayden would be there because he earned it, too.

During the meeting Devin grabbed the SpyScreen remote and focused on the living room, pointing at people and counting out loud who the alliance members are.

I never heard Frankie say one thing during the meeting.

Devin said what happened today was an aberration, and a disgrace.  Now he says Zach was begging him to get put on the block, so that is why he nominated him.

He also refers to Brittany as a valuable alliance member.

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