Saturday, July 5, 2014

Devin's Mood Swings....Calls an Immediate Bomb Squad Meeting #BB16

OK. This is just out of control.  Most seasons of Big Brother, we have maybe one big blow up a week, if we're lucky.

But we're seeing total EXPLOSIONS several times a day in this game.  These people are NUTS.

OK, you already know the Bomb Squad was dissembled in the wee hours this morning.  And Caleb and Devin were no longer friends.  Then, just when the PoV competition was about to begin, Caleb went to the HoH and told Devin that his actions were causing the rest of the Bomb Squad to want him gone as soon as possible.

Caleb:  It looks bad, bro.  Really bad.

So now the two of them are friends again, and are both sorry for what happened earlier.  Devin wants Caleb to go downstairs, pronto, and bring back the entire Bomb Squad for an emergency meeting.

Caleb strolled back to the bedrooms and rousted out Cody, Christine, Frankie and Zach.  Amber appeared a few minutes later, babbling nervously about being clumsy and hitting her hand.

Devin kept saying he had something to say, and he wanted to wait for everyone.  All of the Bomb Squad needed to be present for this.

***crickets*** You could cut the tension with a knife.  Everyone was nervous.

Devin:  And if people say, they're in an alliance up there, it doesn't matter.  Just say no and deny, deny, deny.

Amber is pissed off.  She points out that last night Devin said the alliance was over right in front of Jocosta and she's had to deny it all day long!

Devin:  Oh, me and Jocosta are fine...she came up here today and we talked...

Amber:  But you mentioned the Alliance in front of her!  I've been denying it all day now!

Finally only Derrick was missing.  Zach said can't we just tell him about it later?

Devin:  No, the entire Bomb Squad needs to be here.

Zach:  But Donny's in the DR now...

Amber:  He's been in there for at least 15 minutes...

Devin:  I'm not worried about Donny.

Zach:  But he's hosting the PoV!  He's going to open the door down there and say "let's get ready for Veto" and all of us are going to leave.

Devin: It's all right, it doesn't matter.

Zach:  Want me to go down there and get him?

Devin:  Send someone who isn't as suspicious...

That set off a round of conversation and finally Zach went down there to retrieve Derrick.

(Now would be a good time to have a joke at the ready about Derrick going out for a donut, but I don't have one handy.)

Derrick finally appears and walks in silently, but then Zach is missing.  It is a comedy of errors as they curse about Zach and they even checked the Spy Screen to see if Zach was "down there dancing".

Finally Zach comes up and Devin launches into a long, blustery tirade about how this isn't a dictatorship, but they all need to get on the same page.

Devin proceeded to dictate a long speech about why Brittany needs to leave the house, one of the reasons being that she is the only one of the girls who can "grow a sac" and target the guys.  Christine remained completely still through this, but inside she must be ready to laugh and throw up at the same time.

Then Devin said he heard that "someone in this room...someone in the Alliance...wanted him out of the game."  At one point Cody smarted off with startling anger.

Cody: So, are you threatening me?

Devin:  No, dude.  I'm just trying to pivot around and you're right there.  I can't stare at these two (motioning to the girls) because that might be intimidating...

Cody, obviously PISSED:  Oh, because I thought you were starting right at me...

Up until this point, the room was silent except for Devin speaking.  Everyone just sat there in silence.  It was uncomfortable for me to watch, to be honest.  Devin kept saying they need to all get on the same page.  I did not hear anyone bring up the fact that Devin disbanded the Bomb Squad this morning.

The rest of the house guests (except Brittany and maybe someone else) ended up barging in and Devin made some weak excuses about telling everyone why he nominated Brittany.

Finally the feeds went to FISH.

Poor Donny was out of it again.  He likely came out of the DR in some silly costume, only to find only Brittany there waiting for him.

Will CBS show us that part?  Or will they re-film Donny coming out of the DR once everyone is there?  They've done that before, you know.  


If there are any friends or former co-workers or teammates of Devin who would like to share your story, please let me know.  I would never reveal your name, and will even let you approve what I write before I post it, to protect your identity.

C'mon.  Aren't you just dying to tell?

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