Thursday, July 17, 2014

Devin's Last Morning in the BB House? #BB16

Devin was in and out of the DR, probably to get his medicine.

Donny sat nearby, clearly enjoying his bowl of cereal with chocolate milk, from the sound of all of the slurping and chewing.  Devin notes that everyone went to bed early last night...he got up at three and all of the lights were out.

Donny:  I went to sleep, and didn't wake up until this mornin'.

Devin told Donny that the chocolate milk actually has more protein than the regular milk, but I don't think Donny Thompson gives two craps about the nutritional value of his food.  After Donny left the room, there was some brief excitement when Zach walked through the kitchen with no shirt on.

Devin said hi to Zach. Zach said hi to Devin.

And a moment or two later Zach walked back through and out of sight.  It was too quick to even get a picture of...I was scrambling around trying to move my cursor but it was too late.  (I have dual screens this year for BB, but the downside is that I can never get the cursor where I need it to be...)

FYI Devin has been doing some talking about how Big Brother might bring him back in the game.  He brought it up with a few of the Super Fans like Derrick to get their feedback on that.  They remembered Judd coming back last year, but Devin correctly pointed out that Judd had already been in the Jury house by then.

(Which was TOTALLY unfair but that is another story...)

They tried to remember another person coming back in the house, but I didn't hear them say a name.  Maybe Derrick was too upset by the thought of Devin potentially returning to the game that he forgot about Brendon in BB13, or Kayser in BB6, or Crazy James in BB9...

The cameras show us how lonely Devin is..

If I were Devin, I would be tempted to just start whaling on some real food.  Maybe eat a jar of peanut butter or a whole package of lunch meat.

What can they do to him now, right?  Is some skinny production stoner going to run in there and put a stop to it?

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  1. the first HG ever to return was AMY from BB3...she was Marci's best friend and the reason he didnt use the POV to save her, lol...☺...


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