Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Devin: Why Are My Feet Numb? #BB16

Devin came outside to run around and started obsessing over his feet, which feel numb when he is running, I guess.

He yelled across the backyard with Nicole for medical advice.  They discussed fillibrators (sp?) and the need for them.  Nicole tried to answer his questions thoughtfully, saying it might be a matter of experience--she is not that familiar with the equipment.

After Devin went back inside Nicole muttered that she thinks numb feet means you have diabetes.

No one can stay still out there.  They all get up, lay down, get up, move around, lay down....

Nicole went inside to get some water and offered to get some for Frankie, too.  He wanted ice but when she went inside there wasn't any ice.

Frankie:  That ice maker isn't working...

Brittany explained that the machine was "out of water" and she filled it back up about 40 minutes ago.  Frankie didn't realize that they needed to do that, but says it all makes sense now.

(How ghetto are the appliances in that house?  Would it kill them to run a water line so that 16 people can have some ice?)

Cody said last night was the worst night for him in the Have Not room yet.  He just couldn't get to sleep.  Brittany asked him about the first thing he plans to eat when BB allows the Have Nots to eat.

Cody, immediately:  Pizza.  I can't stop thinking about pizza.

Nicole said she might have a turkey burger.  Cody thought about that, and said they smell funny.  Brittany thought he said she smelled funny, and there were a few rounds of the conversation where he explained that it might be the method of cooking, or just the house.  I'm still not clear if she understood what he was saying.  Maybe she thinks she smells now.  But of course Cody would NEVER say that to her.  Not sweet Cody.

Anyone would agree that Cody is the total package.

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