Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Devin Puts Amber on Blast #BB16

BUT FIRST..... As usual I have pictures from yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post....so let's start with those.

Yesterday when Joey was on a mission to speak to everyone about staying in the house,  she went to the couch in the backyard where Jocosta (or however we're spelling it this week) was sitting reading the Bible.

Joey greeted her with an energetic "Hey!" but Jocosta just grunted at her and kept reading.

And reading.

And reading.  Joey had the good sense to wait.  Brittany came over and joined them, and Jocosta was still mute.

OK, I know she wants to read her Bible, but this is Big Brother dammit.  She has the rest of the day to read the Bible and I'm pretty sure she has read that story collection before.  You'd think she would try to be present and play the game, but maybe that's not what Jesus has in store for her this week.

And a Brittany bikini shot for you.  You know, whenever I look at the search terms that "people" use to find websites they are looking for, I am somewhat horrified.  You "people" out there on the internet never forget a female house guest from any seasons past, and you are very direct naming the various body parts that you'd like to see.

I guess I can talk about those "people" all I want, because I am pretty sure they just look at the pictures and never read the text.

So far, no one's looking for "sexy police sergeant" but I guess there's plenty of time for that.

OK.  Here's some dirt.  Or juice.  Whatever.

You may recall that Caleb is obsessed with Amber, to such a degree that he wore one of her sundresses like a scarf all day on Sunday.  Yes, he did.  So later on Sunday he decided to sit her down and tell her how he felt about her.  (See recap here, about half-way down the page.)

After that conversation, I was sure that Caleb would realize Amber just wasn't that into him, but he didn't.  A few deliciously evil people in the house kept telling him that Amber really did like him, but was afraid to let her feelings show to avoid becoming a target.

Well, this morning around 3:30 am, Devin told Caleb that Amber has been mocking him and his feelings for her all over the house.  This conversation took place in the HoH Room, which Caleb will be vacating on Thursday to return to the Gen Pop downstairs.

Devin tells the story in an excruciatingly slow manner, by first describing who else was present, and exactly where they were sitting. Amber apparently told the group that she doesn't like Caleb "like that" and said that Caleb was very into himself and then Devin started telling her to "JUST STOP....JUST STOP".

Devin said Amber claimed she was just telling the truth, but this bothered Devin greatly.

Devin:  Why is she going to keep asking you to take her to the end?  To take her to the finals with you?  I mean, I'm fine with her being in our alliance and all, but to try and, like, use you like that?

Caleb:  And what I don't get, is that just two days ago she was layin' in the hammock with Hayden, and said wouldn't it be cute if after this you and Nicole go out in the car on a date?  And then Hayden said won't you be going out with Caleb, too? and she said yeah, probably.

(I think Hayden made that shit up....he is surprisingly evil...hee hee hee.)

Caleb:  I said up here to Amber that it sounded like she wanted to go on a date with me and she said, 'what are you talkin' about?  And then I asked Hayden again if Amber said that and he told me to just get home and "watch the tape...watch the tape".

Devin:  Yeah..he wouldn't lie like that...

(Ha ha ha)

Caleb:  So I don't know if she's hidin' all of this so the house won't think she likes me, and after this is over she'll tell me..I don't know what her problem is, but she's throwin' mixed signals towards everybody.  One minute she's tellin' Pao Pao that she's only dated African American guys but she thinks I'm a good looking man, and she likes that I'm a good old country boy...and the next thing you know she's saying all of this...


Caleb:  Just the other day we were sittin' there eatin' salmon together and I said, 'this is our first date' and she said 'I know'.  And we were talkin' about the game and the Finale and she said 'if you take me there I'll take you there."

Willie Hantz, at home watching the Live Feeds:  It just don't make sense!  It just don't make sense!  It just don't make sense!

Devin told Caleb to watch what he tells Frankie about this, because he doesn't want Frankie to run his mouth all over the house about it.  Devin wasn't going to tell Caleb about this because it was none of his business, but when he saw Caleb being so sad about Amber, he had to tell Caleb the truth.

Devin:  I'm like, really irritated dude. It's like she's using you!

Caleb:  All I need in this game is you and Frankie.  Anything everybody else has, I already have. For her to say I'm all about myself.....the one time I sat right here and talked to her for four hours, I talked about my family...how could she think I'm all about myself?

(Uh, because you talked about your family for four hours...)

Devin:  Keep her around until the first week of Jury and then get rid of her.  Don't tell her that I told you about this...

Caleb:  Well, she's gonna see that I'm different towards her.  I'm not gonna make her ice cream anymore...

Devin:  You can tell her in the Jury, I don't care, but not now because I don't want any friction in this house that will blow things up.

Caleb:  And it would....it would...we have to put on a front, man.

Devin:  Dude...man....WOW!

Caleb:  Here's what I don't get...Why would she say she liked that I was a good country boy?  When she's never been with a country boy before?  Why would she say that?

(I didn't say this makes sense, people, I'm just reporting what happened.)

Frankie came in and Caleb gave Devin the signal to tell the story AGAIN.   So of course Frankie is going to blab, right?

Devin told the story, but also added that Amber came up and told him that he was her type...."you know...tall, mixed, with muscles".

Devin:  I didn't want to say anything....because I've never dated a.......a.....a.....I don't want to say it here (gesturing towards cameras), but.....

(WHAT DEVIN, WHAT?  A white girl?  A model? A hoo-ore?)

Devin just keeps talking, and talking, saying that he feels like he's been fooled, and he doesn't like that...

(How does he thinks Caleb feels?)

Devin:  That just bugs me, dude, it bugs me...

(Production better keep an eye on Amber....either one of those guys could choke her out before Grodner even has a chance to take her headphones off....)

(Somebody better be counting all of those birdhouses, particularly the number of blue ones...., right?)

***ALSO***  I heard Amber was bragging to the girls that she got a box of Mac & Cheese from Caleb's HoH basket after he said he liked her.  Take that, Caleb!  Someone please tell Caleb about that...maybe with a banner plane or something, because I want to hear him cry about the Mac & Cheese. The nerve of that bitch!

Ha ha ha ha.  Amber is turning out to be much more entertaining than I had ever hoped for...

OK.  On to today.  As of this morning, Donny is in the house...I recently heard the Bomb Squad say Donny would go on the block again next week, but if Donny just lays low there will be plenty of other targets that will go before he does....

Frankie laid on the hammock with Christine and gleefully told her that everybody in the house hates Devin now.  They both rejoice that the shit is going to come down, and hard.

Derrick sleeps in the Rock Room.

The Rock Room is a tad messy.  Just a tad.

Amber prepares for her day.  Any day now Amber, any day....

Enjoy that Mac & Cheese, hon.

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