Saturday, July 5, 2014

Devin PIcks the Have Nots #BB16

The group had to sit in the HoH Room for a few minutes while Production set up the America's Choice Have Not foods on the dining room table.

They rushed downstairs to find the "Wurst BLT" items arranged on the table.  They were confused at first--what is all of that stuff?  There was:

* some sort of salami-shaped German sausage that appeared to be squeezable
* tomato paste
* bok choy

Devin read the card, which told them what the items were, and had to pick the Have Nots.  He quickly picked Brittany, Victoria, Zach and Derrick.  He did it so quickly, it seemed to be something he had already considered.

(He might have asked for volunteers....I heard Hayden say yesterday he wouldn't mind being a Have Not again this week because he's not at risk to go home, and he liked the way he felt and looked after eating such a healthy diet all week.)

Victoria isn't going to like this, I predict.   And how will Zach put up with her for a week?  He's already wishing her dead now, so....

Victoria:  Will we still have slop?

When Zach heard his name called, he yelled "Awesome".  Zach and Derrick already broke open a package of the sausage before Devin even picked their names, and both said it wasn't bad, they could work with it.

I'm sure this will be much easier for Brittany, having the extra foods to work with.  They had nothing extra last week to work with---only the usual permitted condiments.

Derrick:  Thanks America for hooking us up!  I don't know what bok choy is, but I'm sure we're gonna love it!

I wish Devin had taken the time to say that his choices weren't personal, so we would have something to laugh at him about here, but the process was relatively simple and clean.

Pictures really are worth a thousand words, huh?

For Brittany, this might be a good week.  She can solidify her relationship with Zach and Derrick.  And for Victoria?  We all know she's always on Derrick like white on rice....this could be her dream come true.

And if what I've learned about slop over the years is true, Zach will be flowing free and easy within a day or so...

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