Friday, July 18, 2014

Devin is Used to Getting Booed, Takes it in Stride #BB16

Well, Devin really cleaned up his image in the last week or so.  He got more humble, started talking to people like a human being, and then had great composure last night with Julie Chen, live on CBS after being evicted.  After watching the house guests cheer and clap that he was gone, too.

Rob Cesternino has been doing Big Brother eviction interviews for a few years now, and they are very good so far this year.

Here is the link to listen to Devin's interview, recorded a short time ago.

The links on Rob's website are a little weird, so I can't link it here, but I also recommend his eviction interview with Pao Pao last week, if you can find it.

She said all the usual crap about her and Donny, etc, but what was really fun is to learn that she still knew NOTHING about the Bomb Squad, Team America, or who Frankie's sister is.  Rob got to smack her with new information over and over again.  Hard to believe that no one from Production sat down with her to fill her in.....

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