Friday, July 11, 2014

Devin Begs Derrick for Money, Dude #BB16

Devin asked Derrick for a moment--he had something he wanted to say.  Devin had to evict the people chilling in The Hive so they could have a private place to talk.

Brittany took her time leaving the room, dawdling as Devin looked on, obviously antsy and uncomfortable.

Derrick:  They took me off Have Nots already...

Brit:  Why?

Derrick:  Because I'm HoH!  But I'm waiting..

Brit:  You didn't demand the same for all of us?

(These are dumbass comments from Brittany, but unless you are a regular live feeder, you wouldn't know how things go down.  Last year one of the Have Nots won HoH, and also waited until midnight to eat with the group.  It was Judd I think.  Anyway Brittany's dress is cute, but she is making some MAJOR mistakes already tonight. For example, she told Nicole she should nominate sneaky Christine...another game-ending dumbass comment.)

Devin couldn't shoo Brittany out of there fast enough, telling Derrick he could leave the door open, because "whatever".  He immediately got down to business.

Devin:  Dude, I know you're going to backdoor me, but could you please nominate me first?  I just want the chance to win a little cash, if know, for my daughter..

I don't know about you, but if I had to go into the boss's office to grovel for a raise or something, if they enjoy refreshements right in front of me like this, I wouldn't take that as a good sign.

Devin:  Look, it's like...I'm really tired right now...I'm tired of competing....

Derrick:  I know.  I can see that.  But as you can see right now, everybody's wanting to talk to me right now..some things didn't go as expected tonight, so I hope the nominations aren't until tomorrow so I can have time to figure it out...

Devin  You mean about the voting scheme?

Derrick:  No, I know about that.  Those people voted the way they did and I expected it, and respected them.  Those people are straight up.  I'm talking about some other things that may have happened...

(Supposedly Amber almost flipped her vote during the commercial break, as influenced by Jocosta, and this caused everyone, particularly Zach, some heartburn.  We can look forward to seeing that on the Sunday night CBS show.)

Derrick:  I already told you where you stand with me, and even though I'm HoH (not yet you're not...) I know I have a huge target on my back, as does Caleb...all eight of us do.  I want to see what Nicole has in mind, and if she had won HoH with someone like Brittany, who knows what they would have done.  I'm going to be straight up with you, whatever I do...

Devin:  And I respect that.  And I'm really tired of this...because outside of this D, I'm a real nice guy.

Derrick:  I believe it..I totally believe it.  You've even said that you lost your way in the game..  I just want to see my kid tonight, and tomorrow morning I'll be back in the game.  I'm sure you'll come up and talk to me...

Devin:  No, I won't.. I'm not saying anything dude.  Oh I'll come up and see your disrespect...I just want a chance to win some money if I can...



  1. You are the best BB live feed blogger ever.

  2. Preesh Rita. I totally agree....ha ha ha.

    FYI I also do updates on Twitter too, in addition to the blog posts, so you might enjoy that as well...

  3. I updates and easiest to read. I hate huge paragraphs all clumped together. Thanks so much for your hard work!

  4. Devin Is a true father and sexy as hell I which he would of put his dick in me and I would had his beautiful daughter that my take on devin


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