Thursday, July 10, 2014

Derrick's Barber Shop #BB16

The feeds came back around 2:00 pm, BBT, and the guys were getting ready for the big day.  Devin was shaving his own head and Derrick prepared to give Frankie a trim.  Earlier Frankie said he could wait a week for a haircut, but I guess he changed his mind.

While Derrick was waiting for the hair clippers, Derrick pulled Victoria aside, after Frankie apparently relayed a message to him that she had a question about the vote tonight.  Victoria wanted to know is they were still voting to keep Zach.

It sounds like two people were up late, talking and this gave Victoria cause for concern.

Derrick assured her everything was still on track, and cautioned her against overthinking things.  This seemed to make her happy.  At first I was annoyed with her and her wishy-washiness, but then I realized how scary it would be to find everyone else changed their vote, leaving you out on a limb all by yourself with the lone vote.

Derrick starts to work on Frankie's hair, and Devin tells them to be careful, because one of his buddies got ringworm on his head from using dirty clippers.  Derrick showed him how he cleans them, but I couldn't see how based on this camera angle.

Frankie:  You do this really good, don't you?

Derrick:  No, not compared to somebody who does hair...

Devin kind of sheepishly asked Derrick to even up the back of his head.  Derrick did it.  No problem.

Why didn't Devin shave in the HoH Suite, when he still had the chance?

Donny is watching Amber do her makeup, and she talks aloud to him in what I think is a condescending way.

Amber:  Now for the best part...the countouring.

Donny:  Contouring?

Amber:  I'm going to paint my face like a warrier, then wipe it all off!

(Like she's talking to a two year old.)

Donny reads one of Amber's makeup labels.

Donny:  Ur-ban de-cay.

Amber:  Good Donny!

The house guests were all given "Fitness Trackers" to wear---I'm sure these will come into play somehow in the game.  Or maybe they are related to a new sponsor.  I got a FitBit for Christmas last year and wear it every day.  Maybe we will be able to see each house guest's Dashboard that shows the amount of activity and calories burned.

It would be really interesting to see how much sleep each person actually gets, and the pattern of sleeping.  But with the FitBit you have to tap it a certain way when you are ready for bed, and then tap it again when you wake up and it takes care of everything else.

Who knows what type of tracker they are wearing, though, and what it does.

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  1. Yes, they are tracking the house guests:


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