Thursday, July 3, 2014

Derrick Worries as he Does the Math #BB16

Derrick went into The Hive and flung himself down.  Zach came in and asked if he was okay.

Derrick: Yeah, I just couldn't take hearing Brittany bitch anymore...and I'm mad about how I did up there...that really was an easy competition but I went too fast across the beam the first time.

Derrick is worried about Devin putting him up, but Zach tells him the truth.

Zach:  Amber said she wanted to put you up...and then Caleb said if you put Derrick up, you better put me up, too.

Derrick:  She said that?  He said that?

Zach assured him that Caleb said that.. Derrick started to stress.

Zach:  Why stress?  Caleb's got your back so don't worry.

Derrick:  Do you think I need to go tell Amber I know and talk to her about it?

Zach:  NO!  Don't do that..

Zach left and Cody came in.  Derrick repeated what Zach said and it was news to Cody.

Derrick: Do you think he would make that up?

Cody:  No...I don't know...

(Zach didn't make it up...Caleb said that to Amber and I saw it myself.)

Cody is concerned.  He hadn't considered Derrick to be in trouble this week and hopes he isn't nominated.

Earlier, Derrick told Zach he might feel more comfortable if Devin wins the overall HoH this week, instead of Amber.

Zach:  I'd feel more comfortable if Cody was HoH....

(No one's talking about about Zankie, that's for sure.)

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