Thursday, July 10, 2014

Derrick Takes Office #BB16

Derrick tells Caleb he wants Devin out this week.  Caleb is not to tell a sole, Derrick says, and he doesn't plan to discuss this with anybody else.  If word gets out, he will know Calcb talked.  People in the house are talking to Devin, and he doesn't want Devin to do what he did last week.

Caleb nods and agrees.  Derrick says that whoever wins PoV, they can use it on whoever they want, and he will put Devin up on the block.  Derrick knows next week when he can't compete for HoH, he's a big target for Devin.

Caleb brings up that Derrick said with tears in his eyes that he would take another week of slop, just so he could see his daughter.

Caleb:  And you get to see your daughter now.  Without eating slop, and being healthy.

Derrick can't wait to see his daughter, and for everybody else to see her, too.  He says some people think he might not really have a family, but they'll see that he does this week.

(I've never heard anyone say that...)

Caleb says he can go ahead and volunteer himself, Amber and Frankie for Have Nots, but only if Derrick wins the overall HoH and gets to choose.  Derrick says he might not want to do that, let's just see how it goes.

Derrick:  I kind of want him in there (Devin) so he can have a week of not eating and not sleeping----I haven't slept well in 5, no 6 nights.

Caleb says it is really Frankie's fault that things went down like this.  Frankie went up there to Devin and told him that Caleb and Zach had made a deal.

Derrick said Nicole is easy to talk to.  Devin already approached Derrick to tell him to go ahead and nominate him.

Derrick:  He wants two chances to get off the block, so I'm not going to nominate him. He's gonna know what I'm doing, but I don't care.  We're not going to make the same mistakes we did last week.  We're not going to trust him with information, because we can't trust him.

(I think Devin is testing Caleb's loyalty here..if he squeals then Derrick will have every right to target him, too.)

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