Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Derrick Gives Counsel #BB16

The indoor lockdown has started, and the house guests will be stuck in the house until the Live Show.

Derrick has been in bed all day, so Amber goes in there to talk to him about how she's feeling.  She is really worried about being targeted now, after the whole fiasco with Caleb.

Amber:  I just don't feel like anyone should be targeted for something personal, unless they did something really wrong..

Derrick:  You just said it right there--that is exactly how I feel.  I'm not going to fault someone for being honest and telling someone the truth, instead of pretending something that isn't true.

Amber feels tension in the house now, and is obviously worried about it.  Derrick asked her if she can reach out in a round-about way, through Devin.  Amber isn't sure that she's cool with Devin, either.

Their conversation is interrupted by Victoria, who comes in and just makes herself comfortable.  Derrick called her his "little sister" and mentioned her getting him up in the middle of the night.  (You can see that here...)

Victoria is looking for assurance that Joey is leaving, and they briefly discuss how Joey did too little, and then way too much to keep herself in the game.  Victoria is obviously very needy and has latched onto Derrick like a barnacle.

For example, see the picture below.  She knows this is Donny's spot and asks Derrick how Donny is to sleep with.  Derrick says Donny is a very still sleeper and it is a pleasure to share the bed with him.

(Sorry Victoria....get your ass back to your own bed please.)

Victoria keeps saying she's tired, and might take a nap.

Derrick:  Well, go on and do your thing. (implying she should go back to her own bed).

Then Amber came back in and there was less tension with her in the room.  Who would think a gorgeous model would cut the tension?

Amber doesn't really flirt when she talks to the guys.  The single guys are the ones who flirt with her and she just kind of laughs it off.  I guess that goes with the model territory---she's got be careful putting vibes out there, particularly with what has happened in the last week with Caleb and Devin.

Amber told Victoria that Derrick eased her mind with what he said to her, and she thinks she can sleep tonight without worrying about it.

Derrick's wounds are healing and he is happy about it.  Remember on Episode #2 when Derrick used the strategy of hugging the "log" instead of grasping the handles?  Well, his arms got all tore up---all skinned and scabbed and they are finally healing.  That is one reason why he has tried to stay out of the sun---he doesn't want to scar too badly.

I'll say it again:  Victoria needs to step off Derrick and scurry back to her corner.

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