Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Derrick Even Tweets in a Professional Manner #BB16

There is a lot of crazy "fan" hatred pointed at Derrick right now for some reason, that I've noticed for the last week or so. Maybe that has to do with Derrick being in power as the HoH, or maybe some people are predisposed to dislike police officers, or "The Man", or maybe they just have problems with authority. 

But I'll tell you...I've had to call the police for help more than once in my life, at times when I was scared and good reason to fear for my safety.  And when I have to make that call, a man like Derrick is exactly who you want to show up...calm, respectful and acutely aware of his surroundings.

It's hard work and a hard job and I'm thankful people like Derrick pursue law enforcement as a career.  Because without law and order, it would just be a planet full of animals.

Derrick:  This one is for the feedsters at Hamstahwatch and Jokah's....

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