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Derrick Deals With His Loss #BB16

So once again, life and death keep right on going outside the Big Brother house.  This is the second part of my post describing the events after Derrick was notified that his grandfather has passed away.  (You can see the first part here.)

OK.  Derrick is in the DR now, making some sort of official statement on camera.  The rest of the cast is gathered in the living room, passing around the letter that Derrick received to announce the news.

The room is silent, with a few sniffles and whispers here and there.  The volume on everything is turned way up, and the hum of the equipment is constant.

Caleb is still scary.

(Note that in the last day or so, Amber has announced she is no longer speaking to him.  I hope he doesn't kill her.  Eviction might be her safest bet this week.)

Frankie keeps repeating that this is just unbelievable.

(I hate to sound crass at a time like this, but how is Frankie going to top this?  Derrick lost a grandfather AND a grandmother this summer, AND is a Have Not BECAUSE of Frankie's loss.  Don't think for one moment that Frankie hasn't done the math on all of this himself, because he has.  I guarantee it.)

Zach is sad for Derrick.

But he did finish his sandwich.  It was the right thing to do.

The silence really is deafening.

Nicole, back in her regular clothes.  And safe for the week, after she and Christine won the Battle of the Block yesterday.

Frankie finally speaks in a normal tone, saying they need to cook or something, and he will "make them some slop stuff".

Frankie: I'm going to see if I can switch his slop for a day or two with just can't be a Have Not and go through all of just can't..

(What did I tell you about Frankie needing to top Derrick?  Not that Derrick would be a bottom, but you know what I mean.)

Finally Derrick burst out of the DR, saying "talk about timing, huh?"

Frankie is right there to hug him.  Of course.

I don't think Derrick wants to hug at all right now.  He is trying to hold it together and tries to speak in a normal tone.

Derrick:  It's all part of life...but the timing is terrible....terrible...

Frankie just has to get into every camera shot, so he comes over and gives his HoH robe to Derrick, wrapping him in it.

(Take a fucking seat, Frankie. This isn't about you.)

Derrick:  Well, the good news is I got to record something they will play at the funeral.  It just sucks for my Dad, though.  He was just so close to him.  I know he's a mess...he's got a huge heart and I know he's a mess right now....I know it.

Derrick moves the robe, folding it and putting it next to him on the couch.

Derrick:  I knew it too...I knew it when I came downstairs..

He brings up hearing Sean's voice in the DR and the feeds were cut for a moment.  (Sean gives all of the bad news in there..and even told Derrick about his grandmother's death during the casting process.)

The room is silent again, with a few sniffles from the girls here and there.  Only Frankie is moving around the house, clattering and sighing.

Derrick:  Mmmmm.  Just crazy, man.

(Police officers constantly deal with death, but I know this doesn't make it any easier on Derrick.  Maybe it does, though, because he has probably had to sit with dozens of strangers and comfort them, or maybe even arrest them after someone dies.  Maybe he can try to go on Autopilot to get through this.)

For someone who identifies as a minister, I haven't heard Jocosta say much during either of the grieving sessions this week.  I'm not complaining about that, I'm just commenting on it.

Jocosta doesn't really like Derrick, in the game, anyway.  She's probably thinking, "damn..I want to nominate both Derrick AND Frankie....".

Frankie comes out of the DR and throws himself down on the couch, making an announcement.

Frankie:  Derrick, if you want to use the HoH room at 9:00 to talk to your family on the live feeds...on can...

Derrick:  Thanks, but I just left a message for my family..

Frankie:  But you can do that that...they'll let can speak directly to anyone..

(Maybe Frankie is just trying to be nice, and I've got it all wrong.  But maybe it's a little of both.... Frankie is using this show as a constant audition process.  Maybe it's a show business thing, but it rubs me the wrong way.)

(By the way, I don't think Derrick did that on TVGN, but I haven't watched BBAD yet so I'm not sure.)

The room is silent again.  Very silent.

Frankie:  Derrick, what was his name?

Derrick:  Norman...or Pepe..which is basically French for grandfather.

Back to silence.  But the air feels lighter.  People are going to get up soon.  I can feel it.

Derrick:  Just puts in perspective how much we're's crazy...

Frankie:  Was he ill when you came in the house?

Derrick:  Nope.  But he was a grandfather....and in a nursing home.  Well, he lived with his wife, my "meme" (sp?) in an assisted living home..kind of the same thing..

Frankie:  How old was he?

Derrick:  86, I think.

Hayden:  Does he live in Rhode Island, too?

Derrick:  Yeah, he lived 10 minutes away from me...everyone lives 10 minutes away from each other.

(Note: Rhode Island is only 37 miles wide, and 48 miles long...)

Frankie:  What did he do?

Derrick:  He was a veteran....kind of like your grandpa...he was in the war..

(I think Derrick's father and grandfather may have both been policemen, so maybe he doesn't want to even bring that up here.)

Derrick brings up "Sean" again, and we go to FISH.

Frankie:  It's amazing how comforting she is, on the other side of the camera.

(Oh, so "Sean" must be "Shawn", a girl.)

More silence.  But with an energy now...

Derrick:  Oh..listen...I can't even have a cookie now!

Frankie:  I tried to change that...but we'll see...

Derrick:  No, no, no.  I don't expect anything.

Victoria asked if she could get him water or anything.  He thanks her, but says he's good.  Silence again.

Not a peep out of Cody or Zach, both of whom actually care for Derrick and want to be part of his life going forward.  It's a guy thing, I think.  They are there for him and sit quietly and respectfully.  They are not elbowing everyone else out of the way for camera time right now.

The silence is bad now.  I want to turn away but I feel like I have to wait for the house guests to go about their business first.   They are restless, I can tell.

Victoria just bent over to see Derrick's face, to see if he is crying.  (He's not.)  Donny got up and left the area without saying anything to go to the bathroom.  Christine is in the bathroom, too, but I didn't see her get up.

Donny came back and sat down without speaking.  Silence takes over again.

Christine returned and sat silently on the floor.

Big Brother needs to remind them not to sleep on the couch right about now, right?  I suspect Hayden passed out about 10 minutes ago, but I can't prove it.

Zach moves, going to the bathroom area and laying down on the bench there.

Look at all of those clothes wadded up on the bench.  Zach is now using them for a footrest.  Serves those slobs right for leaving them there.

The  silence continues, but someone's breathing does sound like sleep breathing now.

My dog needs to go outside.  I have to stop now...


Right after I posted, Derrick said he wanted to lay down for awhile, and thanked everyone for being there for him, and then had a round of hugs, thanking everyone again and saying "preciate you guys".

He even said he wanted to pray with Jocosta later.

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