Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Derrick Addresses the Live Feeders, and Frank Eudy #BB16

Derrick calls out Frank Eudy, who used to talk the cameras all the time, saying Frank had some serious balls to talk about the game like that, with 14 other people in there.

Derrick:  You got balls bro. I"m not even sure who can hear me now, up here, so balls of steel bro...balls of steel.

He hopes everyone is enjoying the show and knows his family understands why he is doing what he's doing.  He wanted to come in the house and play an honest game --he's being as honest as he can be and told everyone at home that he would have to play a certain way to win the game.

Derrick:  You can't be too honest in this game, or people will use it against you.

He's playing as well as he can right now, and hopes that he doesn't need to make any more big moves for a bit, but he needs to just go back downstairs and fade back into the crowd and win comps when he has to.

This week was a blessing, he says, because he got to see his family's picture and "his daughter's feet" and it was worth every second, but now it is time to go back to what he was doing and not become someone who is viewed as a threat.

Derrick thinks he can do that, because there are people in the house who are very paranoid and this will ultimately ruin their own games.  They are going to assume they are targets when they really aren't, and this will self-sabotage their game and keep Derrick in the background.

He looked down at the scars on his forearms and said they were real, by the way. (Derrick's first competition in Episode #2, where he decided to grip the "spit" in a bear hug instead of holding the handles and using his legs made his arms into a bloody, scabbed mess.)

Derrick:  I've got to be one of the first to be permanently scarred in a Big Brother competition.  Some of these have healed....I think I'm gonna have some fucking scarring from this....

Derrick:  ...stupid...I should have fell right away....pride....pride set in....

Derrick sees his mic pack on the nightstand and now isn't sure if we've heard any of this, and looks around the room for the audio equipment.

He is ready to sign off but tells everyone that next year at this time, he'll be home watching someone doing the same thing, talking to the cameras.

Derrick:  Night ya'll.  Love you.

He got in bed and got comfortable, still talking a little.  He turned on the spy screen and noticed that Big Brother turned off all of the lights in the house.

Derrick:  Get a shot of that...that is have to get a shot of it.

They did.  It is kind of sick.


I think Derrick is going on the block next week, but he might not be the one to go home.  It all depends on who wins the HoH(s).  If Jocosta, Donny or Brittany win HoH, Derrick is going to be in trouble.

I predict the HoH winner will either be a repeat winner we may already be growing tired of (like Caleb or Frankie) or  someone random, like Victoria.

I heard Hayden tell Nicole that he didn't want to win HoH until they were back to the traditional HoH format, and she agreed.  I think they usually start the Jury after there have been five evictions, so I'm guessing they will shift back to the single HoH structure at that time.

But what do I know?  Nothing, really.

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